How to get rid of the redness on my face

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10 reasons your face is red

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This has always been my go-to stay-cool trick to help manage my redness. Time is really what calms down blotchy red skin onn I use this method. The hydrating facr just makes my skin feel smoother and less tight afterwards. I tried a cold washcloth followed by moisturizer after a workout. This was similar to the first technique, but more reactive than preventive. Marmur also recommends rinsing off sweat with cold water, and they both recommend following up with a moisturizing product. After an intense minute circuit training class at F54I decided to give this two-part trick a try when my skin really needed it.

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I rinsed pf splashed cold water on my face and patted dry with a towel. This sometimes painful skin condition often begins in adolescence, when young men and women begin puberty; while many see their acne woes disappear after reaching adulthood, many deal with adult breakouts result in facial redness and painful, swollen blemishes. What causes acne? Acne forms when the tiny pores on the surface of your skin become plugged with oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and debris. Each of your pores opens up to a follicle beneath the top layer of your skin; each of these follicles contains a single hair and a sebaceous gland.

The latter is responsible for producing sebum, a waxy substance that keeps your skin soft and supple. When hormonal fluctuations occur, this gland pumps out an excess of sebum.

This oily substance can pick up thee skin cells and bacteria on its way out of the pore, creating a plug. When the plug presses against your skin, your body sends red and white blood cells to fight infection. The result? Gently dab your face and avoid harsh scrubbing to prevent further irritation.

Seborrhea Seborrhea, also known as seborrheic dermatitis, is a common skin condition that affects millions of Americans each year. If you have rosacea, your dermatologist can tell you which type of rosacea you have and create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Allergic reaction to the fragrance in a skin care product Skin irritation or allergic reaction A condition called contact dermatitis develops when something that touches your skin either: Irritates it Causes an allergic reaction The face is a common place to get contact dermatitis. A soap or hair dye can irritate your skin, causing a condition known as irritant contact dermatitis.

If you are allergic to what touches your face, you can develop allergic contact dermatitis. Common causes of allergic contact dermatitis include poison ivy, fragrances, and latex. This rash tends to clear on its own when you stop exposing your skin to whatever is causing the reaction. The questions on this page can help you get started: Acne-like rash caused by medication Reaction to a medication Some medications can cause a sunburn-like reaction when you spend time outdoors during the day. Using a medication, such as a hydrocortisone a steroid cream, for longer than directed can also cause a skin reaction. Check the information that came with the medication to see if you should stay out of the sun.

This may be all you need to do to clear the redness. If the redness is caused by using a medication, such as hydrocortisone cream, for too long, you may be able to get rid of the rash on your own. Red, itchy rash caused by atopic dermatitis Atopic dermatitis Atopic dermatitis, often called eczema, can cause a rash that appears suddenly. Infants often develop this itchy rash on their cheeks. Regardless of where the rash appears, the skin with the rash tends to feel extremely dry, scaly, and itchy.

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While atopic dermatitis facee be cured, treatment can help to clear the skin. Red, dry, and raised patches on the face Rednesss Psoriasis suh-rye-ah-sis oc a condition that causes the body to make new skin tthe in days rather than weeks. Skin sensitivity Sensitive skin is more than just a marketing buzzword for facial cleansers. It is also advisable to avoid beauty products that contain alcohol as an ingredient, and astringent toners can bleed the skin dry too. Trying to cover up the initial signs of redness with heavy compact or foundation can only further compound the problem. Acne The bumps from that acne breakout may have finally subsided, but you may not be out of the woods yet.

Acne is primarily caused when the face is clogged with sebum and dead skin cells, leading to inflammation that can, in turn, cause patches of red spreading around the problem area. Apart from these catalysts, redness is also caused by certain skin conditions like rosacea, eczema and skin allergies; it is advisable to visit a trusted dermatologist in case of any persistent concerns.

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