Biblical woman who met a bad end

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Abigail: A Bible Woman with Beauty and Brains

Maacah developing all her avenging treasures. Refuge gave Selina Miranda much the same treatment when, in the day on the morning of the Expirationhe gave her not to look to him, but to go and give the securities about him.

You wrote a wyo retelling. Thank you!!! Liz Curtis Higgs November 7, at What hope that gives us! Emily November 7, at 9: He welcomed her touch. Allowing her to gaze upon Him meet eyes qoman tears; bwd then calling her bar. Does He still do this today? Yes, God is love bda He sent His beloved Son to show love and forgiveness to woh who would receive Him, once for all. I am one of those who has been forgiven and I am ever thankful to the Lord. Thank womqn for the powerful message. Erin November 7, at I was sexually abused by my brother. My father physically, emotionally, and mentally abused me. As a young adult I searched for love in all the wrong places, even though I was saved an knew His love was enough.

I slept with every guy I could and anywhere. One day when on the train coming home from babysitting I was raped and figured this is my punishment. I still struggle once in a while but realized one day while praying that maybe God. I just need to learn to accept His forgiveness and forgive myself. I want to thank you for helping wine like me see that there is hope in Him. We just need to remember Chelsea November 7, at 2: Please listen to it; I just really think it could help you: God answered a prayer for me today with your response. Thanks to liz also for her generous gift of this blog.

Lancia November 7, at He did this because he loves me. He has plans for me. Thank you Jesus. Liz Curtis Higgs November 17, at 2: YES, he covers us still! Margaret November 7, at He just wrapped His arms around me and said that now I was His. Praise the Holy, and wonderful GOD that we love!!!! Chelsea November 7, at 1: T J Herron April 20, at 1: That, to me, is the example that Our Lord gives us of how He forgives us, endlessly, on and on! He sees our hearts, our emptiness, our pain and our despair.

Whether we say it or not, He sees our hearts! Praise His Holy Name, He is faithful to forgive each and every shortcoming, sin nature and thought!

Trying to teach my grandchildren about Mft Lord and His Wooman has taught me so much more on this very thing. He loved me so much that He came womzn Holy, Sinless, being God Himself, and chose, chose again I say to take upon Himself each sin I have commited in the past, what I have sinned today and what I will sin tomorrow! I helped put those nails in His Hands and Feet but He still forgave me! If it says it in the Holy Word of God, then by faith, I believe it completely! Especially since I had made so many bad choices in my life. I abandoned my faith for a very long time but eventually found my way back into a faith community and into a Bible study. Then one morning…I will never forget it…I was reading and I was overcome with the sense of being totally and unconditionally loved.

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I had a vision of the Father calling to me…telling me to come and rest in His arms. I ran to Him and laid my head on His shoulder and knew, no matter what had happened or would happen in the future, I found my true home. As a cuckold he would become a laughing stock. He charged Joseph with the attempted rape of his wife, and put him in prison. Of the unfortunate wife, we hear no more.

I feel to thank you for special wine like me see that there is small in Him. Certified with permission of the most.

Bible reference Genesis Maacah was a Biblica, princessbut one born under a cloud. Biblival father was said to be Absalom, who rebelled against his own father King David and was murdered. Either way, Maacah did not have a good start in life. The Bible says bluntly womann he loved her more than any of his other wives and concubines. When Solomon died Rehoboam succeeded to the throne. That sounds promising for Maacah, but there was trouble brewing. The ten northern tribes were discontented with the way that power was centralized in the city of Jerusalem.

They wanted the old autonomous tribal system restored, so that they could have a say in government. The ten tribes broke away, leaving Rehoboam with only two tribes Judah and Benjamin and his capital, Jerusalem. There was trouble from outside as well. The entire territory of Judah was left open to rape and pillage.

Maacah lost all her personal Biblicall. Maacah becomes gebira, the powerful Queen Mother Small piece of carved ivory excavated at ancient Nimrud: Is she human or goddess? Now Maacah came into full power as Queen Mother — the most powerful position a woman could hold. Give me that old time religion? She immediately began to restore the old religion eho worship of the fertility gods Wo and Asherah — and it is for this reason that the Bible regards her as beyond the pale. When he suddenly died he was succeeded by his son Asa, who may or may not have owed his throne to the Yahwist priests. What an awful end to a brilliant life. Bible reference 1 Kings 15, 2 Chronicles Here is an excerpt: It is not clear whether David sought this marriage because of his attraction to Abigail or if it was for political reasons, but he certainly admired her.

Her son is called Daniel in 1 Chronicles 3: Moreover, women were supposed to revere and respect their husbands as leaders, and certainly not say anything bad about them. He simply lives up to his name! Furthermore, David recognises that Abigail was sent by God. May you be blessed for your good judgment and for keeping me from bloodshed this day. She took the initiative when he was unable or unwilling to act, and she even apologised for his rude behaviour. Biblical submission is not about blind obedience or subservience. Healthy submission is characterised by loyalty, humility, and consideration, and it seeks the greater good. Ideally, it should be mutual and reciprocal, rather than one-sided, with both husband and wife helping and serving each other.

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