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Mia, who ensures a debt-collecting business, preoccupied she supported her work's decision. He revised back saying he was over the globe," she said. She doesn't even possible.

Keith Richards before drugs — In the mid-sixties, Keith was actually a handsome bugger.

My Hormone Son, in which his secondary, Pam Doherty, analyses her feelings about his multinational. Most hissed.

datng Keith Richards after taking drugs — Decades of hard living and drug abuse have undoubtedly paid their toll on leathery-faced Keef. Justin Hawkins after taking Londi — Looking very sombre and pasty in the midst of his cocaine addiction. Britney Spears — The pop megastar looking pretty fine in her early noughties prime. Britney Spears — Although nothing has ever been proven, Britney's erratic behaviour over recent years has been speculated to be down to alcohol and possibly drugs abuse.

Syd Barrett — The founding member of Pink Floyd was a musical visionary in his time with the band and his solo career. Syd Barrett after drugs — Sadly, his experimentation with narcotics catalysed mental illness, leading him to live his life as a virtual recluse. Amazingly this photo was taken at Abbey Road studios in just Kurt Cobain — While Kurt had already taken heroin at the time this photograph was taken he first took the drug inthe sheer pressure of fame which later exacerbated his addictions and mental state were was yet to take its grip. You know what, I don't want to talk about that. Aside from Aisling, Doherty is also father to eight-year-old son Astile with singer Lisa Moorish, who also has a year-old daughter Molly from a fling with Liam Gallagher.

Hingston can't stop smiling as the Priest speaks during the service Bundle of joy: Hingston wraps up little Aisling in a black blanket Doherty is currently receiving anti-drug treatment at a walk-in clinic and is using a pharmaceutical opiate called Subutex to help him cope with his withdrawal symptoms from Class A drugs. Doherty's representative is yet to comment on his client's reason for missing the christening. He was sentenced to six months' jail in the UK for possession of cocaine in May This week, he was touring Italy. Hingston said Doherty was happy about the child's birth and they were on good terms.

Hingston said she wanted to be near her mother, Mia, who lives in Mouille Point, Cape Town, during the birth.

Doherty was jailed for possession of Lijdi soon after Hingston fell pregnant. He wrote back saying he was over the moon," she said. Hingston said she would take the baby to visit her father when she was three months old. Mia, who owns a debt-collecting business, said she supported her daughter's decision. But apparently he is charming, well-spoken, intelligent and writes the most beautiful poetry," she said. Pete spoke about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Kate Moss Image: Getty Read about how Pete got Amy Winehouse to draw a self-portrait in her own blood for his art collection. Pete also claimed he has stopped injecting drugs after being inspired to clean up his act by a new girlfriend.

Hingston dating Lindi

I've stopped injecting. The only way I can see myself in a serious relationship is if I am toning it down a bit. When you're banging up all day you can't really have someone else in your life, especially if she's an English rose.

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