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Click the freezer "Directly" button. Or you might pay to completely retrieve and review any time lists by a trade author.

The etymology will appear after the primary definition. For example, searching on "desiccate" will return the following etymology entries: Wiktionary Origin: If you look up the word " advance ," YourDictionary shows three parts of speech - adjective, noun and verb - each with its own definition. Parts of speech Spell finder How to Pronounce a Word YourDictionary provides both audio and phonetic pronunciations of most words: Audio pronunciation gives you a verbal tool on how to correctly pronounce a word. The phonetic pronunciation is designed to show you how each letter should be pronounced.

Each vowel and consonant sound is represented by a specific symbol. See the chart below for examples of the phonetic symbols as well as keywords that use each particular sound: For more information on phonetic pronunciation symbols and for information on symbols used to show the pronunciation of non-English words, just refer to this handy Pronunciation Key. How to Find Additional Information on a Word Each word you search for will return slightly different results.

Finder Spell

You will always see the pronunciation and definition for the word. But some words will also have additional information. If you search for the word "sentence," you will see: Pronunciation tools, both an icon to click on to hear the audio pronunciation and a phonetic pronunciation using the Pronunciation Key Definitions for both the noun and verb parts of speech Examples of the definition If you continue down the screen you will see all the additional information YourDictionary has for the word "sentence: Some words Spell finder have more information than others. Word Lists Word lists Spell finder an excellent and very handy way to save your favorite vocabulary words.

This is a great way to store spelling words, new words you want to learn and words you want to remember. How to Create a Word List It is very easy to create a word list. Here's how: You will be asked to enter a username for your word lists. It will appear as the Author Name on your word list. You will then be asked to give your word list a title of 3 to 50 characters and a description of 3 to characters. You are given the choice to save your word list as a "Shared" word list available to all YourDictionary readers or a "Private" word list only you can access your word list. Click "Save Word List. How to Edit Your Word List add, edit or delete Once you have created your word listyou can add words, edit the list, edit the description or delete the list.

Click on the title of your word list and you will be taken to a screen listing the words in your word list. In the upper right hand corner are editing options: If you are entering more than one word, be sure to separate each word with a comma. Click the blue "Save" button. Click the blue "Save Word List" button to save your changes.

But if you are essentially a points with reports conisuer, confirm giving Scrabble a landscape on the app submission. By the way you can also hit us up on Holding. This is a similar way to find ways words, new factors you would to identify and words you go to get.

On the Word List home page you can either: Enter a search term in the Spsll public word lists" box and click the search button Browse through the table of new word lists. Click on any column header ifnder change the sorting. You can sort by "Title," "Author," " Words" or "Rating. Sepll to Follow a Word List Sometimes you might find a public word list that is already created and meets your specific needs. Or you might want to easily retrieve and review any word lists by fonder specific author. If so, you can mark the list for future use by clicking the "Follow" button on any public word list. If you are looking for vocabulary lists for specific grade levels, check out the Spfll word lists created by YourDictionary.

These Spell finder include the words that teachers concentrate on teaching at specific grade levels such as Sight Words - KindergartenSight Words - 3rd Gradeand Sight Words - Spell finder Grade. If you are looking for fineer word lists created by your teacher, sort the available word lists by author, locate your teacher's name, click on the author name and click on the "Follow" box. If you want to quickly find word lists that ifnder YourDictionary readers have Spell finder highly, just check out the box with the Top Rated Word Lists. Tips for Using a Word List Word lists are excellent ways to build vocabulary, practice spelling and increase your knowledge about a particular word.

Here are some ideas and tips on using a word list: For Students For new readers - Use word lists to build vocabulary. For all grade levels - Create word lists as a handy way to study weekly spelling words. For test preparation - Word lists are excellent for preparing for spelling bees, secondary school, college and graduate school entrance exams like the SAT and the GRE. For Teachers Prepare vocabulary lists as part of specific lesson plans. Create spelling lists as word lists and provide to students for study lists. Want to help other YourDictionary readers? Rate the word lists you use by clicking on a star to show your rating.

These ratings are a great way for readers to quickly find word lists that might be of particular help to them. Flash Cards Flash cards are automatically created for any word list. If you can see the word list, just click on the orange "Study" button and you will see the flash cards for that word list. To review your flash cards just click on either side of the flash card and it will flip over to reveal the information on the other side. How to Select Your Flash Card Settings By clicking the blue "Settings" button above the first flash card, you can choose what information you want to show on the reverse side of the flash card - the definition, a sentence example or an image when available.

You can decide to show any of these three pieces of info, or all three! Your choices will be automatically saved. Tips for Using Flash Cards Flash cards are an excellent study tool for students, teachers, parents or anyone who wants to improve their vocabulary. You can use flash cards which were developed from your own word lists or you can use flash cards which were developed from any public word list. Here are some ideas for effectively using flash cards: Repetition builds learning. Give yourself a goal to review your flash cards a certain number of times each day - like five times.

You'll be surprised how quickly you will learn a definition or how to spell a word if you see it multiple times during the day. If you still prefer wwf, try out the words with friends cheat tool that we have as well. The Word Finder How can you get better at scrabble? To improve your score at pretty much any word game, you need to get familiar with a few sets of words.

Check out our Scrabble Word Listswhich are invaluable to improving your score. If you get to know the 2 letter words and the words with a Q but no U in them, you will have a huge advantage. This is because you can rack up huge points by creating multiple words in just one play, and sometimes a 2 letter word allows you to do just that. Additionally, knowing your two letter words allows you to get rid of tiles at the end of games. Another list people don't talk about as often is the list of hooks. A 3 letter hook allows you to create 2 words in your play, one that adds a letter to then beginning or end of a word, and your own word that you actually spell out.

You can also access the Anagram Solver which will sort out your anagram finding issues. Currently it's a single word Anagram Solver but we also have a multi word generator as well.

This means that you should not open up the triple letter finddr tile for your opponent s because they can score big. The only exception is if you yourself are scoring big in the process, or if you think your opponent cannot utilize the triple word tile. Even better is if you have a rare combination of letters and blanks that would allow you to use the triple word tile in your next turn after opening it up, while still making it tough for your opponent to use. Also, be sure to let us know what you want to see on The Word Finder contact below!

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