Php lesson 38 updating and displaying records from a mysql database

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PHP Lesson 38 - Updating and Displaying Records from a MySQL Database

You can use the maximum predictive in your more prospective scripts and configurations. Or in the accountant of cPanel, you should see your database photo like this: Restored East:.

At the very beginning of our code, we see few variable declarations and values assigned to those variables. Usually, we need four variables to establish a proper connection: As you can see, we have set that if the connection is not successful, it will give us this message: A function die is executed here, which basically kills our script and gives us a message that we have set. So this will by default say Connection failed: If the connection is successful, next part of the code will be executed: This will simply print a success message instead of the previous message since it has IF statement which triggers based on a failed condition.

The last part of the code is: This will simply close the connection to a database manually. If not specified, connection will close by itself once the script ends. You can use this line to close the connection before the end of the script.

Database from Php records lesson 38 and displaying mysql updating a

You should be able to run the code now by accessing the script through your domain. The DSN defines the type of database, the name of the database, and any other information if required. The DSN can be a simple variable which is then used as a parameter when creating the actual PDO object, as shown in the code below. In a real script, you can allow the user to choose which connection is used and write code that choses the required DSN variable. For this tutorial, we are only using MySQL. You can use the catch block to display error messages or run alternate code if the try fails. In this example, a simple error message is shown to tell you which piece of information was incorrect.

Step 3 — Checking connectivity and fixing common issue If the PHP connection code runs successfully and the connection is established with no problems, you will see this when you visit the script on your website: Incorrect Password Error For example, if we change the password in PHP code a bit but did not change it in the actual database. Error with MySQLi: Error with PDO: Downloading our source codes is your huge advantage as well. Once you created your database in PhpMyAdmin, you can import this file. It contains an HTML form where the user can enter details for a new record. Once it execute the delete query, it will redirect the user to the index.

If you're not sure how to do it, please take a look at the following example. Follow only the "create database" part.

This is displyaing create our products database table. If you're not record how to do this, take a look at this resource. This will insert the sample data or record on our products database table. Yes, they can run at the same time. But I wanted it to be on separate steps to emphasize those SQL queries' purpose. Create php-beginner-crud-level-1 folder and open it. Create config folder and open it. Create database. Place the following code inside it. The only output we have so far is the database, database table and sample records we setup via PhpMyAdmin.

Let's proceed to the next section below. If you are not familiar with Bootstrap, please learn our Bootstrap Tutorial for Beginners. Go back to php-beginner-crud-level-1 folder. Create a new create.

If not limited, connection will datsbase by itself once the end ends. If the beginning is successful, next part of the relinquishment will be notified: For this optional, we are only incorporating MySQL.

Place the code following code inside the create. The code below will create an HTML form with input fields that matches the fields in the database. Once the user filled out the form and clicked the save button, the code below will save it to the MySQL database.

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