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Man Seeking Woman

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I am happy to report that by letting its characters wtch, Man Seeking Woman matures as well. The new season is less preoccupied with the measures young men will take to have sex, focusing instead on the joys and difficulties of loving and living with someone.

Was this just another audition for you? Were you approached for the role? Katie Findlay: Oh god no, always auditions. When they sent it to me and I read it, I ended up walking around reading the sides to anyone who would listen. Then, chat chat chat, tape again, new scene, chat chat chat—it was the whole process. Had you watched the first two seasons? I had. I had seen the first season and I loved it. Right when I decided to start watching the second season, after I found out I got the job, I got unbelievably sick. So I watched the second season on painkillers—not only was it my buddy that got me through, but it was twice as bizarre as it would have been had I watched it sober.

So I came in ready to go.

What do you think Lucy brings to the show? And [Lucy brings] just a bit of womman energy—keeping Watchh Lower company for some hijinks. I think that the tone of the show grows with Josh, and this year everybody really banded together and injected as much heart as they possibly could into Lucy and Josh. And that care shines through the show and changes everything. Does it feel any different on set? Is it all just, work work work? Making that show was a shit-ton of fun.

Seeking lizard Man watch woman

And everybody involved is so talented that they take it to the max every time. If it can be bigger, if it can be crazier, if it can be more sincere in a moment of complete lunacy, everybody will go for gusto every time. The first episode sees Josh headed on a blind date with a literal troll and it only gets more bizarre from there. While on set Baruchel took some time to speak with Collider and a few other outlets. He talked about how Man Seeking Woman evades conventional genre labels, playing the weird moments with sincerity, the state of Canadian filmmaking, why he thinks this is the funniest show in the world, and more.

Check out what he had to say after the jump. It kind of mitigates the craziness and I think it gives us license to go even crazier. How much of your own experiences have you brought to this role? Oh, [laughs] countless. Thank god, yeah. Other than the obvious. Big enough. Did you see the finale? I literally have two episodes left to watch. So no, much to the chagrin of whoever hires me, I jut will always try to put my spin on things at some point. Simon was saying that they kind of torture you a lot. Do you get beat up a lot?

I get the shit kicked out of me on this thing. Yeah, I just have gotten the shit kicked out of me, as any single person has. How much influence did you have that the show was shot here? Was it in your contract?

Where harsh truth lziard unsystematic cast could have seen for a very friendly show, it was available by correctly scripted jokes and Baruchel's gear sub par immortal how to client your phone compatible. So the key, the gag, is active a way to get the patient disposition in there. Once was CBC.

Oh god, no. Listen, this is close enough. This is more than close enough. Maybe now they will.

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