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I'm a DEPer in the Navy. I'm signed up for AO. Can someone in tha Navy help me?

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Not only do they comply datihg all Naval Aviation maintenance practices, they must also follow all associated weapons guidelines and policies. They should also be physically fit, have a strong ability to work in a team, and qualify for a secret security clearance. Navy Chief Navy Pride! From the construction of the ordnance at a weapons station or ship, to the loading those same weapons on the aircraft, AOs operate as a finely-tuned unit to ensure the safety of all those involved with and around those weapon systems. Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong.

Photo by MC2 Gulianna Mandigo Ordies are constantly faced with challenging conditions, as the majority of their work is done outdoors in every environment possible. Ordies are one of very few rates that have their own association and provides a fraternity with chapters globally. Proper technique in handling these weapons greatly reduces the possibility of injury from lifting such heavy loads. Spend any amount of time on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier or a naval air station flight line and you will likely see a flurry of Aviation Ordnancemen AO wearing red cranials, preforming their carefully choreographed explosive ballet.

Yahoo Navy dating ordnanceman aviation

Aircrew performs odrnanceman in-flight duties and operates aircraft systems in turbojet, helicopter, or propeller aircraft. The AO will often have to troubleshoot a specific weapons system or component on aviztion aircraft after flight due to a weapons failure or system gripe associated with a specific weapon or component. The role of the AO remains as challenging today, if not more so, as in the past. To dismiss the ordies as just ordnance pushing redshirts is to pigeonhole them in dated misconceptions, as their job requires them to do so much more than load explosives on aircraft. AOs never work alone.

Lint ordnancemen, AO's agiation cookies armament weapons specialists in depth of changing, due, inspecting and handling of all offices of conversions and ammunition blessed on Navy os. Much flush their brethren of old however, AOs also still like on actual old neutered experience handed down from others to technical their mission. Night shirts are their identifiers when they do the flight eric, bonding for and preparing the employee?.

Savarese To qualify as an AO, the sailor should have average competence with tools and equipment and be able to work in all types of environments. The Aviation Ordnance rating comes with multiple specialized aviationn and requirements, such as maintaining and troubleshooting weapon systems and working closely with the aviation electronics technician. One-hundred percent accountability holds true to every rate in the Navy, but none more so than the AO, due to the nature of the explosives and security classification of specific weapons. From a December work-up cycle in sub-zero temperatures off the coast of Virginia, to degree flight deck temperatures in the Middle East, ordies must be flexible and disciplined enough to operate in the most extreme conditions.

If working with explosives is not dangerous enough, they also have to deal with the sheer weight of the weapons.

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