Gennaro brigante

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Brigante Gennaro

As a child I was always the smallest in my class. Both my height and weight were below average. I was never into team sports but was fascinated with large muscles. My Saturday mornings were spent Gennarl wrestling and the incredible Hulk. I would go through so many undershirts practicing ripping open my shirt like the hulk did. My dream was one day to become as big as he was. One year my father purchased a Toys R US weight set and that is when it all began. In high school I was lucky enough to participate in a weight-training class to fulfill my physical education requirements.

I met many peers that were already into bodybuilding. They provided me with tips and pushed me to join a gym.

The school held a yearly body building competition and after sitting in the audience briganet the first time I knew this was something I could accomplish. One year later I entered my high school's bodybuilding contest. I placed second in my weight class. Not only did I shock myself, but my peers were amazed with the dedication that I possessed. After graduating high school I started working at the local General Nutrition Center. In time I was promoted to Assistant Manager, where I was required to complete an extensive course in nutrition.

Gwnnaro The training briganhe provided me with the proper education of dieting and the use of supplements. Throughout my years at GNC, I provided guidance in nutrition and bodybuilding to customers, which eventually led me in the direction of personal training. I started taking continuing education courses to further my knowledge in biomechanics, kinesiology, nutrition and life extension. Presently, I own my own personal training company "The Body Mechanic My off-season and pre-contest workouts don't have many differences.

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