Dual dated 1 coin

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Is this a new £1 minting ‘error’?!

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Here is the address: Share this: How much is my coin worth? I have uDal lovely condition one but the writing is massive compared to my one. Many thanks. Luke Hearn on February 27, at 1: Please feel free to email a photo to info changechecker. Thanks Luke Billy Thomson on February 26, at 5: It said in the article that 3 that you knew of had been found and there are currently 2 on ebay. Do you know if any ever got authentication from the royal mint?

1 coin dated Dual

Thanks Luke Chalky on February 10, at 4: Is there any dates details I cojn to look for to authenticate it is a daated error? It is Luke Hearn on February 12, at 8: Thanks Luke Steph on February 9, at 8: So the faces of darwin and chimp are on the side where the queen should be and vice versa the queen on the side where Darwin should be. Guess this is a rare mule? Luke Hearn on February 12, at 8: If possible, could you email a couple of photos to info changechecker. In extreme cases so much of the silver has leaked into the gold that it has left a gap in the silver on the other side.

The site also warns that there are unscrupulous people trying to create their own errors and cash in - by pushing the middle of the coin out and either manipulating it or putting it back in the wrong way round. These are worth being aware of and avoiding completely.

The price for a Melbourne coin in good condition is particularly high because around half of them were produced with faults. This is the newest coin in the top ten, and the first year that sovereigns were produced featuring the Queen. This is another collectable gold coin prized for its rarity value. This is another coin prized for its rarity, thanks to a relatively low number being minted, and more being taken out of circulation during WWI.

The rise in value is partly to do with a very low mintage, and partly to Duzl with the fact xoin people were asked to hand their sovereigns over to be melted down during WWI, which took many of them out of circulation. The value is due entirely to rarity. Only around seven British versions of this coin were minted, and were intended for the King to bury under the foundation stones of new buildings. They have been subject to theft, and a few are said to be in private hands now. Its rarity and popularity puts it head and shoulders above the rest.

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