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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 - Walkthrough/guide

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There is no penalty for dating multiple girls in this version of the game.

Options 3 cheats persona Dating

The warning optioons jealousy is a relic of the PS2 versions, where there were penalties. For any girl you have reached the "romance level" with differs for each of the five romantic links! If you do not cheeats time with them within the next 60 days, the link will Reverse this is a special status; it doesn't actually go down, but actions must be taken to fix it. If you see any other romance link I forget if it matters if they've reached the romance level yet or notfifteen days are knocked off that count. As with any Social Link, once you max it, none of that matters. It's a bond that cannot be broken.

Note 1: I do not remember if Sunday Dates count toward the jealousy penalty for other girls, or for resetting the timer for the girl you date. Note 2: You CAN juggle relationships, if you're careful. So when I figured out a good party, it was a relief to know that I could stick with them throughout the whole game.

Allies can now take a maximum possible to the world for them if they are permanent. Shall see Girl A in 23, and Original B in If Yukari is your finished of practice, then by all history, have at it.

Since just like in Persona 3, time is a precious commodity! I don't have time to opfions back through Tartarus leveling up some character that it turns out I really need. Advertisement Jason: Except when Yukari has to study. Or when Junpei goes out for burgers. Or when Mitsuru is off being amazing. Running a multinational corporation or something.

Moonlighting as a high-fashion model while fighting crime. Showing the world how to find true love Dafing the power of song. Haha you know she's one of those in-command girls who has pptions lovely singing voice that pdrsona comes out when she's been drinking. World Edit Navigation in P3P overworld is menu-based. Players perdona walk around as in the PlayStation 2 version, although interactions still retain the "visual novel" feel. Overworld characters are rendered in sprites. There are now two overworld save points; Aside from the log book in the Iwatodai Dormitorythere is also one on the main character's desk at school.

The facilities in town where the player can increase the protagonist's social stats still function the same way, but some of them now offer part-time jobs on certain days, rewarding the player with money, which can increase if the player repeatedly works part-time at a specific store or restaurant. It also bestows higher boosts to the player's conditional stats, than if the player simply attended the store as a customer.

In Paulownia Mallthe Police Station is now the only place where the player can buy equipment and Dafing items. Aohige Pharmacy is optionns a buy-only store, and ;ersona Blue V is just a part-time work site and Dqting to improve the main character's condition. And to clarify, I'm saying the Kendo team manager Yuko Thanks for reminding me of her name! Cheata Mitsuru is available too? Kind of a know-it-all. Aigis happens automatically? And why is maxing intelligence I assume you mean my academics? About the MC of Persona 3: Nothing ever fazes you. Just look at the opening cutscene. Others scream in horror when they suddenly end up in the dark hour. The MC?

Too badass, I guess. There are other scenes like this, but this is probably the worst of them. You watch the opening cutscene and you already failed to identify with your character because he is unbelieveably calm. I guess some girls and women would like this kind of behaviour, but all of them? There are so many diffferent kinds of girls you can date in this game, I can't believe they are all into the "Whatever. They only get upset when they don't get their share of his manliness for too long. He won the superpower lottery with the Wild Card, that's fine so far. But then I'm surprised he isn't able to use Aigis' guns as well by some unexplained reason.

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