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Baristas Coffee Co. I didn't do anything but try and arex small talk yo her. Baristas was described as a chain to watch by Forbes Magazine inaccording to a Baristas news release. The owners should fire her. Mine this morning was not mixed properly leaving big chunks of the white chocolate powder floating in the coffee. Four women were arrested for prostitution and for exposing themselves at a coffee stand in Everett in KENT, Wash.

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Kent police jeek Thursday that two women at a coffee stand in Kent were seen committing lewd acts in front of undercover officers or on undercover cameras. David Hurst is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. I stopped by on my way to work and she was so rude to me! But they stress their investigation is not over. Baristas has locations — mostly small drive-thrus — in Florida, Washington and Montana, its website, www. I was really excited when I seen that they were opening a ladybug in Shoreline by where I live. At Twin Peaks, nothing can be seen from the street.

I was really disappointed to see them higher this girl named Jamie when I pulled up this morning I seen her doing her show and taking just an extremely long time to make coffee it doesn't take that long to make coffee girl you're not fooling anyone. Then just last week, Everett police arrested two more baristas. I've seen her a few times and never thought she was very friendly but thought I'd try again.

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