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Potter Singing Detective ii. Firm and straight boobs as especially noticed by everyone, fair skin, height 5 feet 5 inch. I thanked my stars. He pulled his hand out and left me immediately. I dropped my bra and started to button my blouse ocward. I adjusted my saree properly. I went towards the front of the school. I picked Komal and we headed home. So I started to reach the place a little late now. I reached around 1: Mostly school was over by then and was crowd everywhere. I saw Puru a few times standing in front of school looking frustrated and angrily towards me but said nothing. In a few days, he stopped coming there and I felt super relieved. Whatever happened earlier but now, the problem was not on my head.

But this was just blank overconfidence. A bigger problem was waiting due to a foolish mistake. This was a circumstantial error which happened one after the other and led me into serious trouble. One day I got up late around 9 pm as I was a little sick last night. I looked at the clock and panicked. I hurriedly came out and saw Komal was nowhere. I looked at Sujata and she said her husband had taken Komal with him. I assumed it as he had dropped Komal to school. Now my husband was leaving for office when he handed me a movie ticket. He said that his colleague had purchased it for today.

So he asked me to enjoy the movie. At this time, Sujata was there, so she smiled and went away. I said that I had to pick Komal from school at 1: How I will manage to drop her home and then reach the theatre on time. My husband said to go inside the school premises and request the principal to release her soon. I nodded my head and he went to the office. Around 12 pm I started to get dressed, in a nice red colored salwar suit. I wore a matching bra and panty, along with a chemise inside. I applied a little more make-up than normal.

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I wore nice matching red bangles and high heels. I took the Activa and moved to the school around I reached school around I parked the Activa and moved to the school main gate. As soon as I reached the gate, I was shocked to see a lock on the main gate. I got confused. So I called Sujata and asked about Komal.

Her father had dropped her there. I puasy told her that I thought she had gone to school and I came to pick her up. Sujata laughed loudly and I blushed. She told me that today was a holiday at Komal school. I told Sujata that I was going to a movie and as the show was from 1: She asked with whom I was going to a movie.

I Freee that I got only one ticket so I will be going all alone. She wished me and disconnected the call. I disconnected the call and turned around to go to my Activa. I immediately panicked seeing Puru just a few inches from me. By this, I came to the conclusion that you will be going to a movie in 45 minutes. I also found out that you were going all alone.

So no one will be required after you do that higher. So he returned his both hands on my funds and foreign me down. I sports a little more exotic-up than constructive.

So no one will be looking after you till that time. So we have a solid 4 hours. Now pssy on no more excuses. First to the side of the school building and then to the back of the school building. The school was itself in the isolated area. The back of the school cooward more isolated and was covered by thick shrubs from three sides. The fourth side was high boundary wall of the school. So Puru dragged me till the wall and made me stand near the wall, with my back facing the wall. I grabbed his hands immediately. He pulled his hands and pointed his finger toward me. He looked at me angrily for sometimes and then smiled.

He again placed his hands back where it was before and started to raise my suit upwards. Now I was in a state of real shock, not a word and not a single resistance. He managed to raise my suit to my chest and asked me to raise my hands up. I immediately raised my hands up, without even realizing what will happen next. So as soon as my hands were up, he managed to get out my suit out of my head. He threw the suit to a grass bed nearby. As soon as it was loose, and was about to fall down, I grabbed it from the front. A hard slap on my face was his immediate reaction. The slap was really very hard.

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