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A one-hit polish is an act that takes on the chart attached once. Therefore, a whole-topper may be anything from an "options' pick" to a definition video. Browsing the trailing positions of songs at fixed times thus algorithms not provide an impulsive comparison of a final's overall impact.

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Name a country, and it's likely Number One there right now. The melody is hypnotic. In conjunction with Miles' manager, Gavin Prunas, the track was licensed to Deconstruction Records ; it was then licensed to more than ultrayop dozen additional record labels in Europe through DBX, Deconstruction as well musc appearing on the Platipus Records Volume 2 compilation released worldwide via Dynamik Music. Austria six weeksBelgium, Denmark, Finland three weeksFrance 11 weeksItaly, Norway five weeksGermany, Spain, Sweden seven weeks and Switzerland 13 weeks ; beyond that, according to Billboard magazine, it reached the top five in "every European country that has a singles chart".

Impossible theme, it marked the first time since November that two instrumentals had simultaneously charted in the top 30 of the Billboard Hot Spreading through the underground from clubs to, eventually, the radio, it was licensed there by an independent record label in November Spain and Italy itself were the other early adopters that brought the track into clubs.

Club charts in these countries signalled "Children"'s popularity to other countries: In Denmark, club and radio play followed the single's release, while in Ultrztop radio play only followed by crossing over from club play, and in the Netherlands radio play was the primary factor in the single's promotion. In Germany, a domestic release came after demand built up from club play through promotional releases from the UK and Ultartop. In the UK the official published chart is a Top although a new entry can take place between positions this is also true of the Billboard Hotwhich has a " bubbling under " addendum for new songs that have not yet made the Hot The Top 40 is only used for radio to shorten the play-lists.

A re-entry is a track which has previously entered a chart falls out of that chart and then later re-appears in it. This may come about if a release is reissued or if there is a surge of interest in the track. Generally any repeat entry of a track into a chart is considered a re-entry, unless the later version of the track is a materially different recording or significantly repackaged such as Michael Jackson's "Thriller 25"where the release would normally be considered separate and thus a "new" entry. A climber is a release which is going higher in the chart week-on-week.

Music 50 singles ultratop Q

Because chart positions are generally relative to each other on a week-to-week basis, a release does not necessarily ultratip to increase sales week-to-week to be a climber, as if releases ahead of it decline in sales sufficiently they may slip below it. By eingles same ultratkp, not all week-to-week sales increases result in musuc climber, if other releases improve by a sufficient amount to keep it from climbing. The term highest climber is used to denote the release making the biggest leap upwards in the chart that week.

There is generally not an equivalent phrase for tracks going down the chart; the term "faller" is occasionally used, but not as widely as 'climber'. The top 10, top 20 and so forth are used to determine the relative success of a release. For instance, a track may be referred to as a 'top 10 hit' if it reaches a position between 1 and 10 on the singles chart, as a 'top 20 hit' if it reaches between positions 1 and 20, and so on.

The most commonly known chart is the 'top 40' widely used by the media in various territories, though it is common for longer lists to be produced for or by the music industry. For example, in the UK, the Official Charts Company produces a topalthough various media only publish shorter lists. A one-hit wonder is an act that appears on the chart just once. If an act appears in some other form, for example a solo act that appears with a band or with other acts then these are taken separately.

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