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Eamon is back and he is talking about respiration Deirdre spoke to a Cork man who writes poetry from a caravan in Transgender workshops are to be held in Kerry this week, plus a Ruth O'Grady gives her interior advice for this month and answer Extreme endurance athlete Gavan Hennigan is guest speaker this S Should parents bail out their college-going kids, if they blow a A primary school teacher gets in touch about people who are alwa Fire saftey week: Sinead O'Sullivan who is a volunteer and Breastfeeding counsello Deirdre spoke to four pupils of Pobailscoil Corca Dhuibhne have Joyce Russell from Ardfert was so disappointed at the lack of he None other than Francis Brennan popped into studio today to talk Mary Grandfield spoke about a vast range of things today includi Why do so many people park their cars beside the pumps and then Are people who wear headphones when out walking, running and cyc Tralee listener got in touch saying that she hates Halloween and A vistor emailed saying there is no merchandise that says 'Trale Mary O'Donnell talks about new treatments available We saw a letter in the Sunday Independent about a nun who as bul Dentist Colm O'Loughlin busted a few dental myths as well as som Trevis Gleason on his new book 'Dingle Dinners' which features r Hundereds of people auditioned in Cork on Saturday to work as el Siobhan from Killarney got in touch with an unusual complaint to A child in Tralee was traumatized after seeing the new IT movie Deirdre spoke to financial journalist and co-author of the book Feargal Harrington from Intro matchmaking was talking to us this Our monthly book slot is back after our summer break!

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Could there be a John Edwards spoke to Deirdre earlier today about an Irish man w Anne Darcy is back with this months Nutrition advice slot. Deirdre spoke to Mike O'Halloran to discuss his beliefs that we Eamon is off but Dr. David Buckley sat in the hot seat to ta After a listener who inherited a fur coat and was ashamed to wea Ruth O'Gready goes through a step-by-step guide for renovating a Deirdre was joined live in studio by chef Noel Keane frim Croi r Caroline Hennessey, a friend of Fionn's family, tells the story Cllr Niall Kelliher is calling for buskers to be vetted before b Terry O'Brien and litter warden Brendan Murphy discussed t Deirdre spoke to a West Limerick woman who has lost 11 stone ove Deidre spoke to an inspirational young lady from Kerry, Zara Bar Deirdre spoke to comedian Bernard Casey about electric picnic co Mary Corkery informed us about Susi grants, back to school grant Deidre went out to Duagh before talkabout to meet 3 sets of twin Deidre spoke to Barnardos head of advocacy about this months coi Barry O'Donnell who is visially impaired came on to talk about t Eamon Shanahan joins Deidre this week to anser your question Nestled together on their sofa, they take turns to cradle 15 week old Elizabeth Mary, who drinks thirstily from a bottle.

The two exchange the occasional word as they watch her, enraptured. But while this is a scene played out in countless other houses across Britain, for Tricia and Steven, this blissful moment has been hard won. For over two decades, Tricia, 40 and Steven, 44, from Armley, Leeds believed they would never become parents.

Now, they call Elizabeth Mary their 'miracle baby. Steven and Trkcia McHale are bewitched by their newborn baby Elizabeth Mary The couple, who met didabled teenagers when they joined mothed same church choir in disablled Leeds suburb of Wyther, had been trying on and off to conceive since their honeymoon inand had wondered why they had never fallen pregnant. It was only when they daitng trying in earnest five feqrs ago that they realised there was a problem. Before then, as the main breadwinner and part-time carer for Tricia, IT worker Steven admits he was uncertain he could cope with another person to depend on him.

Tricia has been mentally and physically disabled bb a tragic road accident aged As she made her way to the sweet shop, a reckless driver knocked her down. She lay in a coma for eight weeks, with a further five weeks spent on a children's ward. Tricia sustained massive brain damage and, according to Steven, possible learning difficulties. The terrible head injury she suffered meant she lost mobility in her right hand and leg, leaving her unsteady on her feet and unable to walk more than a few steps without support. The accident also left Trish with speech and comprehension difficulties, as well as memory loss that means she often repeats herself or struggles to remember facts and events.

Over the years though, despite the challenges they knew they would face, both Tricia and Steven became overwhelmed by a yearning to become parents. Five years ago, they decided to try to conceive. When despite their careful calculations nothing was happening, they sought help. Tricia and Steven McHale had been married for 20 years when they fell pregnant with baby daughter Elizabeth Mary It was found that fertility problems were not the issue. Rather, Tricia's disability was making it physically difficult for the two to connect in such a way that intercourse would result in pregnancy. The couple saved for a course of IVF which did result in a pregnancy. Sadly, Tricia miscarried between 10 and 12 weeks.

One day Dr. However despite their pristine calculations nothing was calling, they sought still.

A second attempt also ended in early miscarriage. Dejected, the two began webite. for another course of IVF. In the meantime, they experimented with other methods of insemination. Before they had embarked upon the second round of IVF, Tricia was stunned to find that she had finally managed to fall pregnant without IVF. Steven dotes on Elizabeth and has ensured she can stay at home with Tricia Both were elated - but given their history of miscarriage, they were reluctant to celebrate too soon.

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