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Lucid dream research has revealed various ways to change the scenery in conscious dreams. The most important thing is to truly believe that the scenery will jour. Lucid Dream Research As you can see, knowing how to control your dreams is a matter of talking the same language as your unconscious mind. You should find a way that works best for you. Think of the movie The Matrixwhen Morpheus asks Neo how he beat him in a virtual reality fight.

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With practice, you will soon be soaring above the clouds and flying over cities like Superman! You can learn how to do anything in your virtual reality dream world by using certain techniques and playing with what works best for you. Instant time travel! I went in and ordered a delicious meal for free!

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It's the same concept in lucid dreams! Fly up above the clouds so you can no longer see the ground below. It's not hookusp to rfee! in real life so when you try to have flying dreams, the conscious brain can have trouble believing it. This is the really fun part Once you become lucid, the simplest way to communicate with your unconscious mind is to personify it. It's your goal to decipher the rules and discover new ways to control your dreams. You can communicate directly with it to gain deeper insights about yourself and how you perceive the world.

Create a dream character human or animal that you are happy to talk to, and then ask them open and lucdi questions. It is not always a literal translation. If you're really intent on inducing a flying dream, you could try using a reliable dreaming supplement as a boost. Press all the buttons and tweak all the levers you need to convince yourself you are traveling through time, then step outside again.

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