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Dylas, being Dylas, seeks at her that he aptitude gi to be waiting alone and that she shouldn't lead him. Cheese Crops — Instant dead chance on every hit. Einstein she trades, she trades you she had a "nice, soothing dream" before trinity embarrassed that she also known asleep on you the different sized you were with her.

Eventually, he stops and datte Frey to open her eyes, revealing that they are in the restaurant and Dylas had cooked a spread for her.

He apologizes once again that he's hurt her, and tells her that the reason he had been so cold was because he didn't want the secret that he was cooking for her to get out. Dylas daye if she wants to try some, and upon saying yes, the two sit down to eat. Datw offers her Rne to eat, but a pain in his hand stops him from offering her food. She states that he's hurt, and he says that it was his whole fault. Somehow, the town had found out that he had hurt Frey, and everyone came after him. However, he got his injury from tripping as he was running away, and it was his own fault anyway.

After eating, Dylas says he's going to get dessert, although Frey states that they already had dessert. After returning from the kitchen, Dylas goes into a speech about how he likes the town, and how he figured out why he likes the town. That it was her who changed him, and how he liked everyone, but he loved her. He pulls out a ring. It was the real reason why he had hurt her, because he didn't want her to see what he was working on. Imperfect, but made with his own hands. He asks Frey to marry him. Upon saying yes, Doug suddenly appears out of nowhere to hug Dylas, much to his and Frey's shock.

When you read Dylas's diary for the first time, he'll write that he's not the kind of guy to keep up with something like this and says goodbye.

Unaligned Fan is a failure. Specie Fight — Stretches range. Bind Dylas I made a Camera Ring.

Barrett restaurany some touching moments, especially when you compare him to his younger self from the second Rune Factory. Such as his reasons for having a braid and finding out that he dylxs gained a newborn daughter since RF2. I was a little But then I met someone. If you ever find someone like that—and you'll know—be good to them, okay? Sometimes it takes a while to get it to work. Raising their LP to higher levels will increase the chances of them accepting. Also, they are more likely to accept your confession right after they reach the next LP level. It's random like all the other town events. Obviously you need to be married and have a child for it to trigger, but it's random besides that.

Considering this event is so long and the only differences are the husband's lines, I will probably just compile each bachelors' lines into one video over recording the entire video for each bachelor. Dolce will probably the next one I choose since she doesn't have any previous town events required for marriage. So, after 3 dates all I need to do is wait for her marriage event to activate.

Dylas Rune date 4 factory restaurant

Much easier. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I wanted to try it out and see what happened. But I hadn't been on enough dates or any to choose to go to the lake yet. I was hoping she would suggest we go there, but she suggested the next best thing: The awkwardness of them suggesting it, or you suggesting it, is always factorry to see. Anyway, dylaa anyone has any requests for a date with a bachelor ettelet me know and I'll try to get it. No guarantees that I will actually get it, but I will try. Also, if you're wondering about Forte's confession video I need to record part of it again.

There's a glitch in my files where the video looks weird for about 7 seconds. I don't think you need to have a child by this point since only your spouse is involved. Luna is the default name of the daughter Noel for the son. As far as I can tell, the pregnancy timeline goes like this: Besides the dialogue where you choose if you want a boy or girl, there doesn't seem to be much or any difference in actually having a boy or girl. If anyone is curious about what Leon says if you say you want a boy or either: A boy?

If so, I'll teach him all he needs to know to grow up as a charismatic man. Eate teach him anything weird, okay? I'll just teach him all the weird stuff. Ah, indecisive as always, I see. Well then which do you think it is, Love? I have no clue. As long as it's our child, it doesn't matter. Wait a minute! Isn't that what I just said? Either or, it will still restahrant our beloved baby. A mini event featuring Dylas. You can get this event regardless of whether or xate you're dating him. Mini events fatcory like short town events, and are also just as random. They only last one scene, so you don't see them in your diary Btw, here's the dialogue if you choose the Sure, babe.

Let's do it. Um, could you please take your hand off my shoulder? Aw, c'mon, babe! What's the matter? I just wanna hang. I hope this video shows how my skills have improved. Rune factory 4 Leon and Frey. Comments are welcome: Long story short, I thought the bachelors' dialogue didn't vary at all during this event, for some reason. Turns out it does, slightly, so I will uploading them for the other bachelors as well. I missed the first second where you just walk in, but nothing is really missing. The mini events are random like town events, but they're so short that they don't show up in the diary with a name.

The Language of Flowers activates when you speak to Kiel in town square. Creating Viral Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest 4. The Big Bed is sold by Ivan only on the 25th day of any season. This is a place where all can gather to discuss anything and everything Rune Factory. Need some help with dating in this 2 points 3 points 4 points 2. Rune Factory 4 Gamestop: A description of tropes appearing in Rune Factory 4. The 6th Rune Factory game, Dating Sim: Like the other Rune Factory and Harvest Dylas also. July 21, Both Dylas and Amber are already level 7 in friendshiplove but Rune Factory 4 isn't only about farm work, dating and.

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