Son asked me to have sex. my son having his way with me

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My son having his way with me

Son, 13 years old: The next reinvestment we talked about data, my girlfriend had previously left my house. You did want this up the other industry, though.

If you see something bad, you do something. Yeah, definitely. So do the boys that you know watch porn? Some of them do. Is it something that everybody talks about? Do you think that the girls watch porn? Maybe you are too young for those conversations. People are fine with it, but just, why have that conversation? People are fine with what? Why would I have that conversation? You are fast becoming the latest mouse in an online viper pit, and that is the last thing you need when stressed by real life. Invite her to tell them first or to tell them with you. Tell your son the same thing. Then they have a decision. Whether to be adults and fess up or leave it to you.

Screaming that his sex life is none of my business "and besides, this is the only thing we like to do together! Because nothing bad has ever happened to someone having sex with a teenage girl But, OP - go ahead and listen to r57's guess, what's the worst that could happen? Is your ex-husband in the picture at all? If so he should be involved too. There's no way to put the sex genie back in the bottle now but your son is still living in your house and needs to live by your rules. That should mean he and his girlfriend are in public space at all times. Ive had many boyfriends over the years but nothing that I was able to keep. When my son turned 18 I decided to treat him to a nice dinner, after the dinner he asked if he could try alcohol, At first I was against it he is so young, but I decided to buy him some, this way I can make sure he is safe at home when he drinks.

He took shots of liquor and I could tell he was drunk he was acting delirious.

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I decided asjed walk him to his room and tuck him in, something I have not done in a very long time. Nave self I haven't been with a man in a few months and have been longing a mans touch. While we are making our way to his room, one of my son's wuth is on my stomach and somehow that sent shocks thru my axked and slightly turned me on, I tried to ignore the feeling since it was my son touching witg not some guy. We havingg to the door and I leaned him against the wall so I can open eay door and his head was on my shoulder, which wy turned me on. At this point I wanted him to be in bed so I can go to my room and touch myself, I grabbed him after opening the door and hugging I'm, I walked him to his bed, as he slid down his face brushed past my boobs and his hands caressed my butt, that made me very horny immediately and I felt my pussy become wet, fast.

A little flustered by this, I laid my son down on his back and put a pillow under his head, at this point he kissed me on my cheek. To him it was just a mom son kiss, but to me with my pussy wet and extremely turned on it excited me even more and I let him kiss me a lot longer than I should have. Do I push it aside and tell him that's for grown ups? Do I pull over on the side of the road and call Hubby to take over? How hard will I have to junk punch Hubby when I get home? I honestly didn't know what to do and, as I gripped the steering wheel and tried to keep myself from driving into a cornfield, I made a decision.

I told him. I was honest and forthright. And, then it was HIM wearing the deer in the headlights expression. As the reality of the answer set in, and, realizing these moments with tweens are fleeting, I took it one step further: I told him a committed relationship is a two way street and when you are intimate with someone, it's never one sided.

If he's alone with a girl, it's to be enjoyable for both of them and it's never okay to let a girl please him solely. I told him that if you get one, you give one. Plain and Spn. Because no daughter in law of mine is going to stand in my kitchen and wonder why he's such a greedy asshole in the bedroom. I felt comfortable giving him the Guy Stuff book and letting him read it on his own, but I felt like I needed to read Sex is a Funny Word with him because it is a little more sex-related obviouslyand I wanted to be there to explain things to him.

Talk to your project or someone else you need about what to do. That parenting item is difficult and go a demo with special needs ranks its own decisions. Are you missed?.

The information was accurate, the hacing were fun, and we were able to talk about respect, consent, and what a relationship should look like. I learned a lot about what he wants his future relationships to look like. He now blames everything on puberty. I think it might be puberty.

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