Why is my windows 10 mail not updating properly

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How to reset Mail app on Windows 10

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Please check if the Mail app works fine now, if the issue remains, you can proceed with the further troubleshooting steps. Re-register Mail app in Windows Most of the times, if a specific Windows 10 app is not working properly or does not responds, Re-registering the app might fix the issue. To Re-register Mail app in Windows 10 computers, follow the below resolution steps. In the search box, type powershell, right click the result and select the option Run as Administrator. Now, in the elevated PowerShell window, type the below command and press enter.

Get-AppxPackage 3. This will display the list of all the installed application on your computer along with the technical details. For each application, there is a PackageFullName, which you have to note down for the app you wish to Re-register. You need to check for the Mail app and note down its name. Here we are showing an example procedure for re-registering Xbox app. Once you note down the name of the application, you need to replace it in the below command, type the same in powershell and press enter. Replace C: Select Manage Accounts. Select the account your want to remove, and select Delete account from this device.

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Add the account again. For more information, see Set up email in Mail for Windows There are special instructions for Yahoo! Mail, iCloud, and QQ accounts. If you're having problems with one of these accounts, see Special instructions for other accounts. Remove your account and add it again using advanced setup If you still can't sync your email after removing your account and adding it again, you might need to add the account using advanced setup.

10 windows updating mail my properly is not Why

For more information, see Add an account using advanced setup. Check your advanced mailbox settings Prperly you have a Google, Yahoo! Mai, iCloud, IMAP, or POP3 account, check the settings in the advanced mailbox settings to make sure they're configured to your email provider's specification. If you're using an Outlook. Collect the required information from your email provider Before checking your advanced settings, you'll need to look on your email provider's website, or contact your email provider, to determine the correct server settings. You'll need the following information: Incoming and outgoing email server address Incoming and outgoing email server ports Does the outgoing server require authentication?

Is the same ,ail and password used for sending email? If the username and password are different, make sure you have the correct username and password. Does the incoming server require SSL? Does the outgoing server require SSL? Mail app Advanced options link Click the Reset button.

Reset Mail app on Windows 10 Click the Reset button again to confirm. Open Start. Get-AppxPackage Microsoft. Open Microsoft Store. Click the Install button.

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