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Vanity Fair would only publish such an article if the events in question happened 70 years ago. These relationships have helped you grow into the person you are today. These relationships have shaped your identities and supported your dreams. Year 12, as you move onto the next phase of your education, it is important that you seek out new relationships — relationships that will continue to support but also challenge you. Many of you may have heard of A. A Milne, author of Winnie—the—Pooh. You have to go to them sometimes.

It is our ability to connect with all types of people and build productive relationships that will ensure we thrive at university and later in careers. It is our networks that will help us find future jobs. It is also our ability to create relationships that employers will seek. Your ability to connect with each other is perhaps the most important skill you will leave Ruse with. I wish for all our graduating students a life time of learning and a life time to find, develop and explore relationships. To thrive in this fast paced, changing world we need to cultivate our friendships, nurture our dreams and look after the world we live in.

Thank you to our parents and staff who have shared this journey with Year 12; helping and supporting them throughout their high school career.

Year 12 — Congratulations iGrls our Awards Winners today. Your achievements across so many fields are impressive. I wish each of you good health, happiness, adventure and laughter. They will enjoy a day of relaxation on Balmoral Beach on Wednesday. Stuvac follows and is a time of intensive preparation.

The key is the completion of past papers. Students should always ensure they arrive at the hall 30 minutes before each exam. The full timetable can be found at:

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