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Novels Featuring Younger Woman/Older Man

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There is a power imbalance. What I think is most noteworthy here is how much Lucy seeks that approval and admiration from an older male. Something that could make his or her day or week or year?

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I never thought a whole lot about the fact that I was under 18 and going and seeing these men who were in their late 20s and 30s performing. We have a fifteen year old girl who is enamored by her coworker, who is in his early 20s and who enjoys hanging out and talking with her. It never occurred to me that that could be uncomfortable. I never found it weird to talk with them after a show or ask for an autograph or ask a few questions or even approach them for a hug.

The spiral piece is this year: There is nothing binary with that, but it lowers to a lot of books about how those who are easier than several can or should give with your underage audiences.

This is a challenging and squick-inducing read. In some instances, the imbalance is clear and the lines of right and wrong are crisp. Many times because of my working for the high school newspaper, I was able to get in touch with these artists and set up either web-based or in-person interviews. He set up some clear boundaries and expectations immediately in order to protect not just himself but to protect me, as well. But he understands clearly where the lines are in their relationship.

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