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Suzy reacts to her dating scandal with Sung Joon

You won't. Since then, Sung-joon has lost in many systems and transactions to this day.

How Tall is Sung-joon? He has once taken muay thai lessons. I am finally here, wow!

He would ask the stock if they ate and if I got something like while selling he would say, 'Don't be used, just act quickly. Instant don't,' yet get me a startup of single. Sung Joon and May at dinner:.

How can you not feel anything? During his school days, he used to be a quiet boy. He likes to listen to hip hop music. I actually thought Suzy had better chemistry with Sung Joon in the drama and the reason why may be self-evident nowwhile Seung Gi had better chemistry with Yoo Bi. Turns out Suzy was getting close to another male star on the set, but it happened to be second male lead Sung Joon who played her bodyguard in the drama. Sung Joon and Suzy at dinner: She spared no compliments, dishing on the handsome actor's personality and mannerisms. Dating Rumors Explode as Suzy and Sung Joon are Snapped Having Dinner Together Posted on by ockoala For awhile it seemed like the dating revelations in the Korean acting community seemed to have finally simmered down after a front-loaded first half of explosion.

Joon dating Sung

My impression was that they had de minimus chemistry datting a shade beyond serviceableand a friendly oppa-dongsaeng vibe behind the scenes. People around me told me that Sung Joon is a bit shy and that he talks little. We had many of them. Since then, Sung-joon has starred in many movies and dramas to this day.

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