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He has left a wife and eight young children to lament his untimely death. Analysis of Evidence: Mortimer E. Cooley in his Cooley Genealogy,p.

This notation was not used on the birth records of any of his children or his tombstone. However, few longitudinal studies are available to assess rates of complications. Here, we present results for a longitudinal cohort of patients with hypoparathyroidism of diverse etiologies treated within a single tertiary-care hospital system. We performed chart reviews and describe patients' biochemical parameters and rates of complications including symptomatic hypocalcemia, hypercalciuria, and renal disease. Patients and Methods Patients We identified patients with permanent hypoparathyroidism seen at least once at Massachusetts General Hospital or Brigham and Women's Hospital from through Patients were included if they had documented hypocalcemia with a simultaneous low or inappropriately normal PTH level and disease persisting for more than 1 yr.

Patients were identified using the Research Patient Data Registry, comprised of electronic medical data for more than 4. We initially queried the database for all patients with an International Classification of Diseases ICD -9 diagnosis of hypoparathyroidism Patients with equivocal diagnoses were reviewed by two authors D. Cause of death was recorded in 20 patients and was unrelated to hypoparathyroidism.

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Our final cohort thus included patients. Two patients were seen only once within our system but had extensive medical documentation including previous laboratory testing and were thus included. The remaining patients were seen at least twice within our system. This study was approved by the Partners Human Research Committee. Data collection Clinic notes and hospital discharge summaries were reviewed to determine the onset and etiology of disease, medications, and adverse events.

Data were censored before the onset of disease, defined as at birth for patients with Patgie hypoparathyroidism, at the date of surgery for patients coolley postsurgical hypoparathyroidism, and at the onset of symptoms for patients with other acquired forms of hypoparathyroidism. Laboratory data obtained at outside facilities but noted in the medical record were included. Findings were confirmed by independent review by one member of the study team M. Because serum calcium and phosphorus levels were obtained at variable intervals, time-weighted averages avgtw were computed assuming a linear trend between measurements, calculating the area under the curve using the trapezoidal rule, and dividing by the time between the first and last measurements

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