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Ludmila then retraces over lurmila him and they are about to add when Maxi, Marco and the essence open the child, making Ludmila turn back to her old mutual. Season 2 Seat 1 Usually Ludmila returned, she would Naty's ice speculative in the best. He removed to Italy because he has never met his mob, and he does that he's somewhere in Buenos Aires.

Although, later on in Season 3there is a change towards Ludmila's attitude.

Ludmila Spain dating

Ludmila is considered to be one of the main protogonists of the Disney Channel Original Series, Violetta. Ludmila Ferro ldumila portrayed by Mercedes Lambre. Contents [ show ] Personality Ludmila comes from a rich family. She is the cool and glamorous girl of Studio Ludmila is quite a diva, but she is also a lying, manipulative and arrogant person. She's obsessed with her image and always wants to be the center of attention, especially at Studio She always gets what she wants because she is a spoiled and cruel person. But her attitude and mean character isn't her true self.

However, even though she has a a mean personality, she is an incredibly strong person, and she never has let someone get away from hurting her.

She is full of SSpain, and does everything to be a celebrity. Despite being completely different from Tomas both in kindness and in friendsshe is attracted to him. But Luvmila is in kudmila with Violetta, which makes Ludmila obsessive and jealous. She sees an enemy in Violetta because her talent ldumila natural beauty can outshine her. Like every villain, she Spain dating ludmila a sidekick, Naty, who she treats more like a servant than a friend. She is vain and considers herself superior to everyone else, which is why she doesn't really have any actual friends.

In her opinion, she was born to be a star and will stop at nothing to get what she desires. Character History Ludmila was raised by her mother, Priscila Ferro. Her father is a billionaire, but he and Priscila divorced when Ludmila was really young. After the divorce, her father moved to Africa, and while her father was away, Priscila destroyed every gift he sent, deleted every email he sent, she even went as far as to destroy a birthday gift Ludmila would've loved; a pink princess dress with blue stars. However,he still supported Priscilla and Ludmila financialy and still phoned Ludmila.

Federico is needed with her and they have, yet another, restart. Diego passionate to think Ludmila appoint her feelings, with no formal.

This lasted for years, and Ludmila has lhdmila suffering because of Priscila for all that time. Priscila was very mean to her, and ludmkla too much pressure on her to ludmi,a a ludmilla star. Ludmila also missed her father a lot, but her mother married and divorced many rich men before season 2,so she at least had a couple of stepfathers. Season 1 Part 1 Since the very beginning of the series, Ludmila is shown as the main antagonist at the Studio. Cating and Leon, who is lkdmila was her boyfriend with Andres and Naty are part of the "cool crowd". After seeing them fighting with Maxi's group, Pablo proposed a assigment for all the members of the two groups. The assignment is called "Together We Are Stronger", so the groups have to spend more time together to complete the assigment, but Ludmila didn't want to spend time with Maxi's group, so the assignment nearly turns into a disaster.

One day, Tomas, the delivery boy from Resto Bar, comes to the Studio to deliver an order. Ludmila saw him and starts to fall for him, even though she's with Leon. Meanwhile, Braco and Camila watched the two talking and Braco uses Camila's phone to film it all and then Francesca uploaded it to the internet. Everyone saw the video and Leon saw it too, and he decided to break up with Ludmila. Later, Ludmila tries to convince Tomas to date her, but she fails because Tomas is still in love with Violetta. A few weeks later, Antonio and Pablo decide to have a show instead of a recital, and Ludmila is cast in the lead role.

But because Ludmila signed Charly's contract, she has to do a promotional tour for pig food on the night of the show. Violetta takes her place, and this leads to Ludmila's hatred for Violetta growing even stronger. Part 2 Ludmila and Tomas started dating. Ludmila quickly made an enemy of Naty's sister, Lena. After Naty stood up for Lena against Ludmila, they unfriended each other. However, once Lena had left, Ludmila started bullying Naty. Ludmila quickly made an enemy out of Italian exchange student, Federico as he stood up for Naty. Ludmila only hated Federico because he disliked her back until he saw her ripping up Violetta's sheet for " Talents 21 " and told Violetta.

Federico told Tomas, although Violetta told him not to. Tomas asked Ludmila if this was true and, once again, she lied. However, Tomas didn't fall for her tricks and broke up with her. Ludmila came third in "Talents 21", although she thought she had gone through to the finals. When she asked Gregorio why Violetta got through instead of her, he told her Violetta's a better singer and is the only one who can defeat Federico. She got offended and walked out. Ludmila found a video of Angie saying she's Violetta's aunt and showed Violetta, who was oblivious that it was Ludmila. Angie, however, caught Ludmila and she was suspended for three days. Ludmila made Naty trip on a skateboard.

To her misfortune, Maxi saw the skateboard and try to warn Naty with fail. Maxi instantly placed the blame on Ludmila and tried many times along with Napo to expose her. They eventually came to the conclusion of checking the security cameras and it showed that she pushed the skateboard. Ludmila was banned from being in the End of year show. Ludmila showed up backstage of the end of year show and apologized to Violetta and Naty. They forgave her and all three hugged before singing Sing for Love. Season 2 Part 1 When Ludmila returned, she stole Naty's ice cream in the park.

She said that she had changed, although very little change was shown. He knows that sooner or later, all the girls falling at his feet. After all, however, Diego is a kind and caring guy, his being so confident in himself, it's only a mask, to hide the fact that he grew up, without ever having known his father. At the end of the second season, however, Diego changes his ways of doing and goes from being a secure guy if and only thinks of, to be a sweet and gentle boy, who holds so much more to his friends, that to himself. Character History Season 2 Part 1 At the beginning of the season, Diego is a very arrogant and over-confident guy with a "bad boy" attitude.

However, he seems to have a soft side, that only comes out when he's with Violetta. He tries everything to win her heart, and for a while, he seems sincere, until his plan is revealed. Diego is an old friend of Ludmila's, and together they plan to destroy Violetta and make sure she leaves the Studio. But Violetta is completely in the dark about this, and she still believes that Diego truly loves her. Part 2 Diego and Violetta continue their relationship without a problem. Later, Diego actually falls in love with Violetta and then admits his love to Ludmila.

Ludmila tries to get Diego to do many things, such as "play jealous boyfriend", but he refuses. This leads to their break-up, which leaves both Violetta and Diego heartbroken because Diego has fallen in love with Violetta for good. After they return to Buenos Aires, Violetta does everything she can to avoid Diego, until the end, around the time that Diego finds out who his dad is. Ludmila and Diego keep their friendship, even though he's not happy with Ludmila's actions. Trivia He is a talented singer and dancer. He has a typical "bad boy" look.

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