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Then he slides his cock into me and fucks me hard. She smiled as she felt the warm semen flood inside her. We kissed. You know that. I'd never really thought she would do anything like that. Nor did I think I'd have the gumption to go through with it if she did. Over the next few days I couldn't get Amy's fantasy out of my mind. Somehow it seemed to fit her. She'd always been a bit submissive during sex. She loved to have me take control and do her hard, sometimes with a little light spanking to spice it up. She liked to get on her knees and take it from behind. The main thing that got me thinking, though, was that it was her fantasy in Big black cock for my wife first place.

Something about it really turned her on. I also knew that Amy was very conservative in other respects. She dressed like a Talbot's catalogue—very properly. She had a great figure for her thirty-five years: While she loved sex, she wouldn't do anything really nasty or daring. Only in her fantasies did she let go of her inhibitions. Our ten years of married life had been happy. The only thing missing was the racing heartbeat and sizzle we'd had our first years together. So it wasn't strange now that her fantasy about a black man quickened my pulse. In the following days I thought a lot about trying to find a black lover for her.

I looked on the internet and was turned off by what I found. The men advertising sounded fake, or rude, or unsuitable for one reason or other, not to mention the health risks. I decided to forget about that avenue. A couple of weeks later I was working out in our local health club when I noticed a tall black man shooting baskets on the court inside the running track. I'd not seen him before; he caught my attention by the graceful skill with which he made his shots, nearly all of which swished the basket. I wondered if he'd ever played pro. I found out soon enough when he walked over to the machines I was working on. Are these machines any good? Yeah, I think they're OK.

At least they have never given me any trouble. How long have you lived here? I moved here with my wife after we got married and we both found work in the city. My business has expanded and I decided to relocate. I run a sporting goods business. Then I quit to go to business school and ended up making more money on my own. Basketball got me though college and for that I'm grateful. I like my freedom too much. He was very confident, yet friendly and easy to talk to. A few days later I saw him again at the gym and we renewed our acquaintance. After my workout, I encountered him in the locker room exiting the shower. The first thing I noticed, aside from his well-muscled 6'6'' body, was his cock.

It hung down between his legs like a thick hose. Though not erect at all, it wasn't shrunken like most men's tools when they're down. It hung in a gentle curve from his body, seemingly half way to his knees, with a very large pinkish head. I regained what composure I could and answered as best I could about my workout. When we both had dressed and about to leave he approached me. I know a place just around the corner. I wondered what was on his mind. We talked as usual for a half hour and then ordered more beers.

As I listened to him I kept seeing his huge penis in my mind. I couldn't help wondering what it would be like watching going into my wife. He almost seemed to know what I had been thinking. Why do you ask? I've known quite a few couples, some happy, some less so. A lot of my friends have been white. I meet them in my business and through my friends. You see I find I can bond with married white people and that they appreciate me. They usually don't advertise their connections with a black man, but you can be sure many of them try it out and a lot of them have a really good time.

Maybe you and Amy, too. Some of them for quite some time, others for a few weeks or months. Did you, uh, have sex with them? I fucked the wives while the husbands watched or joined in. I felt terrifically excited, and a bit nervous. But not only that. I like taking charge of a woman and watching her enjoy my strong body and confidence. And I particularly like having the husband there to watch how she enjoys it. The wives usually like that, too. And so has Amy. Actually it's her favorite fantasy. But it's only a fantasy. Very easily. Not Amy.

She's too conservative. Is she a bit submissive when she enjoys sex? She is. But only when she's having sex. Tell you what, Mark. Let me meet her with you and see how it goes. I have a sixth sense about what the ladies want. I won't try anything. Just to see what kind of woman she is. How about it? I mean, I guess it would OK if you don't try anything. I'd jy it. I was blqck interested in pursuing it. We can meet anywhere. The gym or some other place bllack both comfortable. You need to be there all the time so she feels secure. We'll socialize and be friends for a while. Then we can meet a second time and maybe even a third before you invite me to your place and we see what happens.

What if it doesn't work? Amy would be there and I would introduce her to Jerome. It turned out to be easier than I thought. Jerome was so outgoing and natural that Amy accepted him as our friend right at the start. I could sense how she felt at ease with him. We had drinks together that afternoon. A week later we met him for dinner. A few days later we met again for lunch. Each time Amy seemed even more relaxed. Of course I knew that she still had no idea what we planned. Do you think he's nice? He's very attentive and intelligent.

And good looking! He still looks 25 even if he's just our age, I think. But he acts his age. He's quite mature. I know he would like that. He told me he enjoyed being friends with couples like us in LA. Yes, let's ask him. If I sense she's interested, I'll make a move. Believe me, that type of woman likes a take-charge man. If she's attracted, she'll respond.

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Let's wifee how it goes. Amy dressed in a blue dress with nice heels, typically fashionably conservative. All three of us had a good deal of wine, and the conversation was lively. Jerome told basketball Bog and even more about LA society, ky he evidently mh quite a lot about. It was after eight when we moved to the living room. I could see that Amy was having a good time. A good looking black man can have a lot of fun there between the starlets and the more adventuresome couples. Oh, you mean you got intimate with couples there? Maybe because of the porno industry there. Everyone is curious about black men. You know, whether they're as big as everyone thinks. The wine was getting to us.

I was following the script Jerome had worked out. Some aren't. You never know until you take a look. I swallowed and got out my next line. It's the only way to know for sure. I'll give you a look and you be the judge. Not knowing what to say, Amy giggled again. The wine had its effect. In a moment Jerome slipped out of his pants.

One entity we saw back to Japan. Fully extended, it was at least ten years.

He stood before us and slowly pulled down his shorts over the bulge in front. When he got them below his knees, his long black hose sprang free and bobbed a couple of feet in front of us. I knew there was such a thing as woman-to- woman sex but nothing about it. One day I was complaining about sex to a girlfriend she brought up the lesbian thing. I was curious and she took her time and showed me what an orgasm Big black cock for my wife all about. For the next ten years I considered myself a lesbian. One day my daughter saw a girlfriend and me and asks what we were doing. It became a show and tell. After that it seemed it was just she and I but I always fantasized about Black men.

I spoke to several women in the group and they encouraged me to try Black. One day I got an IM message from a very handsome black man. We Imed each other for at least a month then one day I consented to meet him with a promise nothing sexual would happen. Seems funny a white woman virgin to Black men at Cherry Grove. We walked on the beach for over an hour and a half just talking. I found out he wanted a serious relationship not a fuck wanted a woman as his own and a woman to have his children. This blew my mind a black man that was very educated, Vice President of a Fortune company that wanted more than a fuck.

As we got back near the car with the sun going down and the waves lapping at our feet He pulled me close and kissed me. I melted in his arms. A few minutes later he took my hand and put it under his shorts and I felt a cock that was three times the size of my ex-husband. I trembled when I felt it. He then told me he was not going to fuck me but if I really wanted a black man I should think about it over night then meet him at 9 AM at a restaurant called Hot Stacks. I arrived at the restaurant 20 minutes early and waited and waited. A voice was telling me NO but another Yes. Faintly I stammered he and mine said I will follow you.

When we arrived at my place we parked and walked into the condo. He said nothing just looked at me grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into the bedroom. I was dizzy with desire pure animal lust. He tore off my top took my breast in his hands looked at them then pulled on the nipples finally bending down and sucking one then the other. He stopped looked at me with a look I will never forget pulled me into his arms and kissed me. As he was kissing he tore off my shorts and panties and fingered my pussy. I had an orgasm right then. When he arrived back at my pussy he so gently parted it with his tongue.

God I must have already cummed ten times. Finally he spread my legs even farther then took his the head of his cock and pushed it in. He threw my legs over his shoulders and gave me something every woman should have. We fucked all day and all night then again the next morning. He left to go to work telling me he would be back at 5. Since that day he has been with me everyday when he is home however he does have to travel some for business. He told me I was his woman and his bitch and to accept it. He told me I would do what he said, when and how he said but he would never hurt me.

I was now his woman. Three weeks later he told me we were going to Atlanta for the weekend. Then we went shopping he bought me a pair of very red heels, a blouse that buttoned down the front, fire engine red lipstick and nail polish. Back at the motel he told me that I was to start getting ready for a night I would remember and that we would be leaving at 7 to go out to dinner. As we were walking out the door I feel like a whore walking the street. As I open the door he pulled me back in took out his knife and cut the panties out of the skirt. We arrived at about 7. I felt so sinful walking in with no panties or bra and a skirt so short if I bent over the least bit my ass showed.

After dinner we went to all black bar and ordered a drink. After a couple drinks he told me we were going in the back room and shoot some pool. Gawd shoot pool in that skirt. There must have been four or five black men in that area. I am sure it was quite a show. More men drifted into the pool area. A few minutes later he asked a brother if he like his white bitch. Needless to say the brother heaped praise on his woman.

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