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7 Erotic Massage Secrets – The Ultimate Guide

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The masseuse might ask that you have a shower before your session begins. She will begin to prepare the erotic massage. The minxiaan The area where the massage takes place will be appropriately set up. There will usually be soft lighting, scented candles or incense burning to create a welcoming, relaxing vibe. There may be soothing music playing in the background. As for the massage itself, the specific techniques may vary from masseuse to masseuse. All of our masseuses are highly trained in tantric and erotic massage techniques, but they also bring their individual personalities to the session.

Foe will also have your own set of likes, dislikes and problems that you want the massage to fix. The skilled erotic masseuse will cater to these as well. In general, the masseuse will stroke massage oil all over your naked body, sliding her warm hands up, down and all around your intimate nooks and crannies. An hour of steamy, slippery stroking makes this massage an incredibly erotic experience. The comedown An erotic massage typically lasts for 60 minutes. There are some places that offer 30 minutes, but many places recommend a minimum for 60, so you can experience the full benefits.

The longer you go, the better! An erotic massage usually tests your physical and mental limits, so the longer you can last, the better it is for your inner strength.

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Every erotic massage has the extra option of a happy ending — if you want to experience true tension release. Lie back and allow your energies to connect. More information about London erotic massage service: You will reduce her stress levels and make it possible for her to become more easily aroused and even reach orgasm. Erotic massage is just as much a tool for sexual bliss as it is for emotional intimacy.

Chapter 2: The Environment Setting the scene from the very start is important, Ready for some erotic fun in minxian the environment can easily make or break the experience for your partner. Fortunately, this need not be an expensive or time-consuming endeavor, as long as you consider the three aspects below. Remove all phones and laptops from the room, or set them to silent and place out of sight. Unplug the TV and computer, and even cover alarm clocks and other devices that have harsh, electronic displays. Next, take a moment to think about how your partner likes to relax. Perhaps she enjoys the scent of a particular candle, or maybe a fresh arrangement of flowers is more her thing.

Set the tone with soft, instrumental music, and create a world that is just for the two of you. Oils such as coconut and almond are lightly-scented options with good, moisturizing effects. Some, however, prefer the feel of mineral oils, while others prefer vegetable oils, such as canola Ready for some erotic fun in minxian sunflower. Also, where will your partner be laying throughout this exercise? However, a table or floor is just as good once covered with a soft, layered mat. Prior to a massage session, ask yourself: How can I make her experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible?

How can I keep my mind focused throughout the entirety of the session? How can I communicate with my partner to ensure maximum pleasure? The Technique While environment and mindset are essential aspects of erotic massage, the massage itself would be nothing without technique. What is technique, and how can you be sure to take the right approach? First and foremost, keep in mind that nothing is more important than focusing on how your partner responds to your touches. Now, what are some common massage techniques to use in the bedroom?

These touches are known as effleurage, and their purpose is to get the blood circulating and the subject prepared for the massage that is about to take place. Using the palm of your hands, begin with a light touch. You can work in any pattern you choose, though circular motions are the most common and are the best at covering the most surface area. Keep the pressure consistent and be sure to pay equal amounts of attention to each area of your partner. This is excellent for larger muscles, such as those found in the thighs, upper arms, and buttocks. Stretching If your partner has particularly stubborn knots or areas of stress, manual stretching can provide them with the greatest relief.

You can gently rotate their wrists and ankles, stretch and bend their knees and elbows, and work to get their limbs as free and loose as possible without force. Percussion The swift, chopping motions associated with this massage technique may not seem erotic, but this can be fun to experiment with and see how both you and your partner like it. There are various ways to perform this technique, from using the side of your hand to perform a quick chopping motion to the thighs and upper back to using your fingertips to tap out kinks and knots found on the lower back, neck, and face, percussion is a useful tool in your erotic massage arsenal.

Friction Frequently associated with deep tissue massage, the friction technique can be useful when working out tight, focused kinks. With your thumb and fingertips, gently apply pressure to the knot and slowly work in a circular motion. To lessen the hurts-so-good feeling associated with this technique, vary the levels of pressure throughout the session to give your partner a bit of a reprieve every now and again. Those are just a few common techniques that can be used during a massage session. Experiment with different forms of manipulation and touch, and remember to always keep an eye on your partner and her reactions.

Chapter 3: The Science Behind Sensual Massage If this is your first glimpse into the world of massage, you may be asking yourself how massage can provide all of the benefits mentioned in Chapter 1 and so much more. That is certainly a fair question. First and foremost, humans are sensory-seeking creatures. From a young age, humans are taught that touch is good. We touch others in order to give and receive comfort, to provide warmth, and to show a sign of solidarity. We touch our lovers to show that we care, and to provide them with joy and satisfaction. Massage, then, can be an easy way to show your partner that you care for them and their wellbeing. The Mechanics of Massage — How It Works There are a number of processes which the body undergoes when receiving massage.

Some of these processes, such as the relaxation of targeted muscles, are local. Other processes, such as the release of endorphinsare whole body. There are a few theories among experts. Some scientists and researchers believe that physical touch as experienced in massage sessions improves circulation. This, in turn, increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscle and helps to speed up the healing process. Other experts believe that massage engages the lymphatic system. This removes the waste from the knotted area and improves muscle healing and movement.

Still, others believe that the benefits of massage are all based in the nervous system. Touch leads to an electric sensation which travels from the physical location of the massage to the brain, releasing endorphins and other pleasant chemicals. It could very well be that none of the above theories are true, or that they all are. From reduction in anxiety and depression levels to control of inflammation following strenuous physical activitiesmassage and massage therapy certainly have shown time and again that they provide many benefits to those who undergo treatment. Instead, there are two sources of pleasure that your partner will enjoy during an erotic massage session.

Of course, sexual pleasure is certainly one of those sources. However, the other source of pleasure derives from the massage itself. Think of an orgasm as a by-product of the erotic massage session, but not the ultimate goal. As your hands move from body part to body part, your partner will become more and more relaxed. The tension will leave her body, ever so slowly, until all muscles are loosened. This is the reason that climax becomes more likely, and squirting even becomes possible—as your partner gives into the relaxation, her inhibitions will give way as well.

With erotic massage, your partner will slowly lose all signs of fear, anxiety, and self-consciousness. Instead, the physical and emotional benefits are supported by research and touted by medical professionals around the world. Chapter 4: You can certainly use the outlined techniques from head to toe, but sometimes a routine which includes targeted combinations of different body parts can provide just as much, if not more, satisfaction when done in the right way. Erotic Massage Routine to Prolong Desire As the point of this routine is to prolong desire in your partner and leave her hungry for more, you want to be sure in the beginning stages to avoid genital contact.

This is why massage is such an effective prelude to sex, especially If the woman has a hard time getting in the mood. The Routine To begin, have your partner sitting straight up either on the edge of the bed or in a chair. Repeat on the other arm. Moving on to the legs, begin at the thighs. Using a combination of effleurage, kneading, pulling, and percussion, slowly work your way from thigh to knee to calf to ankle. To intensify feelings of desire, track back to a previous point and then continue on your journey downwards once more. How is she responding to each touch, and which areas of her body are most sensitive?

You can answer these questions by taking note of her physical responses. When you touch a particular body part or perform a particular technique, does she… lean into your touch? The above signals are physical signs that your partner is enjoying the experience, and such cues can help you to get a better idea of what body parts your partner enjoys having touched and which massage techniques she enjoys.

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Erotic Massage Routine to Intensity Orgasm An orgasm is the greatest possible sexual release that your partner can experience. And, while orgasms can vary in length and intensity, with the right massage routine, you can both prolong the length and increase the strength of the orgasm. Now, the last targeted routine focused on prolonging desire. However, at a certain point, it becomes obvious that your partner is ready to receive more. For the majority of women, orgasm cannot be achieved with penetration alone. The Once Over For this routine, you want to start with a whole-body once over.

Using just your fingertips, begin at the forehead. Graze either side of her face with both hands, and then slowly work your way down to her neck and chest. Avoid direct contact with her nipplesbut do a light graze around her breasts and down the sides of her torso. Simultaneously working your way down with both hands, remember to keep your touches light and feathery, and for added fun, trace your way back up a few steps and then down again. You want to spend time kneading out any tight knots or kinks, but also be sure to add in light touches now and again to excite and arouse. Instead, you want to maximize the touches you do make by utilizing some massage techniques in the pubic region.

One such technique is the use of pressure just above the pubic bone. Using the palm of your non-dominant hand, press down at a comfortable measure. Insert your middle and ring fingers into her vagina, and place the palm of that hand so it is against the clitoris. As your partner becomes closer to climax, press down above the pubic bone a bit more firmly and increase your strokes. The Climax Once your partner reaches climax, this is the most important part. Keep your middle and ring fingers pressed firmly against the g-spot and allow your palm to rest against the clitoris. When females climax, the clitoris can become extremely sensitive very quickly. This can cause the climax to fizzle out prematurely.

Erotic Massage Routine to Encourage Squirting For a lot of women, squirting may seem to be an elusive experience. The reason for this, as discussed thoroughly in Chapter 1, is stress. The goal of this particular routine, then, will be to reduce stress in your partner and open her up to complete trust and vulnerability. This will take some time, and it will likely take quite a bit of patience on your part.

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