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Colin Salmon as Maxwell Stafford, assistant to Mr. Weyland and former British Special Forces officer. Tommy Flanagan as Mark Verheiden, a member of the armed escort that accompanies the exploration team. Carsten Norgaard as Rusten Quinn, head of the drilling team. Joseph Rye as Joe Connors, a member of the armed escort that accompanies the exploration team. Agathe de La Boulaye as Adele Rousseau, a member of the armed escort that accompanies the exploration team. Sam Troughton as Thomas Parks, the second archaeologist of the exploration team, De Rosa's assistant.

Liz May Brice as the supervisor at the Nebraska satellite receiving station that detects the heat bloom in Antarctica. Karima Adebibe as a sacrificial maiden in the flashback to the ancient era. Aliens[ edit ] Tom Woodruff Jr.

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The Alien played by Woodruff is listed in the film's credits as Grid, referencing crosshatch scars from Predator net constriction in the battle with the Predator called "Celtic". Whyte played the lead Predator, called Scar in the film's credits due to the Predator marking himself with the Alien's acidic blood. Whyte also played the other three Predators: Alien director Ridley Scott had talked with Cameron, stating "I think it would be a lot of fun, but the most important thing is to get the story right. On learning that Fox intended to pursue Alien vs. Predator, Cameron believed the film would "kill the validity of the franchise" and ceased work on his story, "To me, that was Frankenstein Meets Werewolf.

It was Universal just taking their assets and starting to play them off against each other Milking it. Predator, however, Cameron remarked that "it was actually pretty good. I think of the five Alien films, I'd rate it third. I actually liked it. I actually liked it a lot. Predator films. When asked in May if he had watched them, Scott laughed, "No. I couldn't do that. I couldn't quite take that step. Predator originated from the Aliens versus Predator comic book in by comic book writers Randy Stradley and Chris Warner. It was also hinted at when an Alien skull appeared in a trophy case aboard the Predator ship in Predator 2. Alien is a good idea that will probably never happen".

The project was delayed chiefly because the studio was working on Alien: Paul W. Anderson pitched Davis a story he worked on for eight years, and showed him concept art created by Randy Bowen. Apocalypsewith Shane Salerno writer of Aliens vs. Requiem co-writing.

Salerno spent six months writing the shooting script, finished its development, and stayed on for revisions throughout the film's production. As a result, they were treated as gods. Early reports claimed the story was about humans who tried to lure Predators with Alien eggs, although the idea was scrapped. Predator, describing a scenario in which Predators taught ancient humans to build pyramids and used Earth for rite of passage rituals every years in which they would hunt Aliens. To explain how these ancient civilisations "disappeared without a trace", Anderson came up with the idea that the Predators, if overwhelmed by the Aliens, would use their self-destruct weapons to kill everything in the area.

Lovecraft 's novella At the Mountains of Madness served as an inspiration for the film, and several elements of the Aliens vs. Predator comic series were included. Predator is a sequel to the Predator films and prequel to the Alien series, Anderson was cautious of contradicting continuity in the franchises. He chose to set the film on the remote Norwegian Antarctic island of Bouvet commenting, "It's definitely the most hostile environment on Earth and probably the closest to an Alien surface you can get.

So there's nothing in this movie that contradicts anything that already exists. Predator, as Anderson wanted to keep continuity with the Alien series. The first actor to be cast for Alien vs. Although the Alien films are set years in the future, Anderson wanted to keep continuity with the series by including a familiar actor. According to Anderson, Weyland becomes known for the discovery of the pyramid, and as a result the Weyland-Yutani Corporation models the Bishop android in the Alien films after him; "when the Bishop android is created in years time, it's created with the face of the creator.

It's kind of like Microsoft building an android in years time that has the face of Bill Gates. Producer Davis said, "There's a truly international flavor to the cast, and gives the film a lot of character. Sanaa Lathan was selected, and one week later she flew to Prague to begin filming. The filmmakers knew there would be comparisons to Alien heroine Ellen Ripley and did not want a clone of the character, but wanted to make her similar while adding something different. Actress Sigourney Weaverwho starred as Ellen Ripley in the Alien series, said she was happy not to be in the film, as a possible crossover was "the reason I wanted my character to die in the first place", and thought the concept "sounded awful".

Production designer Richard Bridgland was in charge of sets, props and vehicles, based on early concept art Anderson had created to give a broad direction of how things would look. The pyramid's carvings, sculptures, and hieroglyphs were influenced by EgyptianCambodianand Aztec civilisations, while the regular shifting of the pyramid's rooms was meant to evoke a sense of claustrophobia similar to the original Alien film. For the whaling station miniatures and life-sized sets, over bags of artificial snow were used roughly 15—20 tons. Visual effects producer Arthur Windus, claimed miniatures were beneficial in the filming process: With a miniature, you shoot it and its there.

It was designed so the model could be collapsed and then reconstructed, which proved beneficial for a six-second shot which required a re-shoot. The puppet required six people to operate it. Visual special effects producers Arthur Windus and John Bruno were in charge of the project, which contained effects shots.

depreddador For five months the creatures were redesigned, the Predators wrist blades being extended roughly four times longer than those in the Predator films, and a larger mechanical plasma caster was created for the Scar Predator. These masks were created using clay, which was used to form moulds to create fiberglass copies. These copies were painted to give a weathered look, which Woodruff claims "is what the Predator is all about". Instead it charts events on the planet BGsometime after Alien3where a Weyland-Yutani research team led by Karl Bishop Weyland has discovered a Yautja Pyramidand is simultaneously studying the Xenomorphs found there and hoping to unlock the advanced technology contained within.

The Aliens soon escape, prompting a response from the United States Colonial Marine Corpswhile the Predators also send three of their members to investigate.

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Aliens vs. Predator is the fifth game in the Alien vs. Predator vw. These campaigns are separate in terms of individual omline and gameplay, but form one overlapping storyline. Contents Characters Playable characters Specimen 6 is the playable Alien character in the game. Groves gs his science team. Six is responsible for the Xenomorph outbreak, being the first to successfully escape containment and the Alien that releases the Matriarch. As his name suggests, he is an inexperienced Colonial Marine who often finds himself being ridiculed by his comrades for this very reason. Dark is the playable Predator character, a recently-promoted Elite.

He is sent with two other Elites to BG to investigate a distress call sent by several Young Blood Predators, and is subsequently tasked with cleaning up Weyland-Yutani's mess and recovering the Predator technology they have stolen. He serves as the primary antagonist of the Marine campaign.

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