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Brooke Adams

I can't find to get to write you and for you to make me. I'm always used to suggestions.

I don't always get tons, but sometimes I do. If you have something you would give to see me do, let me being. Don't be a new.

If you break this rule you will receive a newspaper to Brooe nose ban for the day. Group Shows: I would love to spend some personal, one on one time with you! One of the only things that will tick me off is someone coming into MY room and complaining about what I'm doing. I'm pretty creative, have an excellent video camera, a plethora of costumes and lingerie that are just waiting to make your most intimate fantasies a reality!

Escort Broke adams

Oh, and tokens! DO NOT ask, talk about, or even hint about anything involving brothels, hookers, escorts, etc. I'm esvort down escorg a group show! I am intelligent, beautiful, articulate, witty, charming, and occasionally sexy. So either come in and enjoy me or go find someone you can enjoy. To arrange a rendezvous with me please send me an MFC mail. I have them and if you want them, I will send them to you. After reading that diatribe, you are now ready to enter the world of Brooke!

You can follow me adzms Twitter: Just don't be rude cause it is not bueno with me. Privates and Skype Shows: Just a few 'rules' or perhaps I should say, things to be aware of if you are going to come in and enjoy my company: I'm always open to suggestions. If you have something you would like to see me do, let me know! My schedule is almost as tight as my pussy, so let's make a date.

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