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Why David Cassidy Bared All for Annie Leibovitz’s Cover Photo Shoot

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Love you David. You were so sweet to me and you left us too soon. To me and millions of DDavid you were forever young. The rest, as they say, nakec history! He once worked as a mailroom clerk. After Cassidy nakee high school in Californiahe went to New York City to try his hand at acting. Like many struggling performers, he had to take on another job while looking for gigs. Unfortunately, the show ran only four performances before closing. So, Cassidy decided to head back to California to continue his career. Needless to say, it turned out to be a good decision. RlP David Cassidy you Will live on in hearts of many.

However, David Cassidy was actually 20 years old when the series began filming. His youthful appearance and his acting skills helped convince teenage girls around the country that he was the latest teen idol.

According casisdy the GuardianCassidy felt that it was hard to escape his first role. David Cassidy in circa I have an image of myself in five years. The sky is blue, the sun is shining. I see my skin very brown and leathery, Davod a bit of growth on my face. My hair is really long, with a lot of grey. I have piccs grey hair already. He was exhausted, stoned and drunk, cssidy dizzy from the antibiotics he Davdi taking to drive away a flu. It had been a busy day — two hour-long interviews in the morning; a press conference at New York City College; a rehearsal all afternoon; acssidy session with Daavid columnist Earl Wilson; and pictures for the Cancer Society.

Then dinner, dope, wine, and now this climbing in and out of the back seat of a car looking for what? New York action? Well, he had his action and he wanted to go to sleep. His voice had a bitchy edge on it now. Cassidy, my employer. I have to see if the place is all right. You see, there he is right there, standing with those people just inside the door. David Cassidy. The doorman looked at David again. He shrugged. Baboom, Baboom, Boys, and Girls, Zing! Madison Square Garden was filled five balconies full an hour before the matinee with 20, excited females — the same girls who more than 20 years ago would have wept for Sinatra and 10 years ago for Elvis.

Average teen age girls who keep diaries, go steady and chew gum. And many younger ones, eight- and nine-year-olds, some with their mothers. I cried when I got my ticket. They screamed whenever so much as an equipment man mounted the stage. One news photographer approached a cluster of ladies. They screamed. He took a picture. Aproned vendors coursed through with screams of their own: Hot dogs! Yell and scream, but stay in your seats. In a corner, a pile of gifts from fans four feet high: It was a high moment for him; a triumph, he called it. David was an actor, looking for a break, and then this Partridge Family TV show comes along.

Take the Stones, or Cream. After being into folk music, the blues, and rock and roll for 10, 12 years, they nake Madison Square Garden. And they each think I mean them, and I do. Let me pica out there. Let me do it! He leapt onto the stage, welcomed by a blood curdling screech. The continuous blinking of flash bulbs gave the place a strobelit effect. Like a young and healthy animal of no particular gender he moved as he sang, in a graceful, almost choreographed way. The white costume, the big band behind him. Once there, she froze. David jumped when he noticed her, a plump girl in a blue chemise.

Gracefully, he took her hand and kissed her cheek. Though no one fainted, as 24 had in Detroit, the energy was high. The girls went wild in place. The young ones grew restless when David crooned the slower ballads in a small, but soothing voice. Many older girls wept. If David was emanating heavy vibes, they escaped one year-old observer. Jill watched the show on a backstage TV screen. He was a really good fuck. This act is so Las Vegas. When the hour set was over, they sat in darkness and groaned in disappointment. But not for long.

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When the caszidy went up, they recovered and set to furious but business-like pursuit of their fantasy. Guards blocked off the backstage area, but some fans were small enough to race under their arms and between their legs, overturning one cop. Finally, they swarmed through, searching for David, who had made good his frantic escape covered with a blanket on the back seat floor of a Japanese sedan. One vendor sold programs along the escape route, getting in a few last minute sales. Among many things, including those wet theater seats. The rise to fame began more Dacid two casidy ago when he appeared in television programs like Ironside, Bonanza and Marcus Welby, MD. When The Partridge Family started, David was 20 years old.

But with his exceptionally pretty face and tiny voice, he passed as the bouncy year-old son in a family of four children who lived in the suburbs and made their living as a rock and roll band. With The Partridge Family they planned to dub the singing when the band performed, but they soon discovered — to the delight and surprise of everyone — that David himself could sing. Soon, the television company began putting out Partridge Family records, which sold well. Soon enough, David emerged as a solo performer, cutting his own records, on tour with his own band. Steve, a year-old aging surfer and an L. Working for Cassidy, he said, was the least hassled, because the tours were more Businesslike.

This is an easy gig for them. They get off the plane, on a bus, do the gig, and then back again. All they want is to put on a satisfying show. And it had been sold out for his concert only three days after tickets had gone on sale three weeks earlier.

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He fidgeted in his seat and regarded his new companion. It said they were the pis answer to teenybopper idols, but that they had soul — unlike those white sucaryl teen throbs like Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy. Nakes read that over five times, and I still could not believe it. The magazine is very anti-me and anything I have going for me — like commercialism and all that stuff. I went omph, that hurt. David Stands Naked Ruth Aarons, who manages David, has been in business 20 cassidyy, and in show business all her life. Her father, Alfred E. Alex and Vinton owned the Alvin Theater, a bastion of New York legitimate stage, which has since been sold.

When she tired of that, Ruth wrote song lyrics, and from that got into managing one of her clients, Celeste Holmes. She moved to Los Angeles inwhere she lives on an estate in Beverly Hills large enough to house two dogs, two horses, and a pony, as well as herself and the offices of Aarons Management. He wants to go into the business. Her dog Tink echoed this action. And then came the script for The Partridge Family. But it has now sold over five million copies. Percy Faith, the Boston Pops. And it was written for me. Most prominent in the view was the billboard of David Cassidy in a lacy white shirt.

It advertised his first solo album, Cherish. So one day I was on the phone with Don Berrigan, my editor. What does he want? A camera? They just bought Donny a Super Eight Camera. This is just the icing now. I saw Bobby Sherman had a thing selling love beads. I said this is a weird trip. Could you just not do that.

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