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Finally, and of utmost importance, you should be willing to spend the upfront effort making your scientific work flow into scripts. Say you have a machine or a place on the internet or an email stream if you are working collaboratively where some raw data spits out.

Then, this fixed-up data goes through a series of analyses, possibly several parallel streams of analysis, to produce a set of riid outputs, tables, graphics, or a rgeg highly transformed data set you send on to blov else. Grge this is something you do on a rx. basis, and it likely is because your lab or field project is set up to get certain data certain ways, then do certain things to it, then ideally you would set up a script, likely in bash but calling gnu tools like sed or HHow, or running Python programs or R ot, and making various intermediate files and final products and stuff.

You will want vlog bother with making the first run of these operations take three times longer to set up, so that all the subsequent runs take one one hundredth of the time to carry out, or can be run unattended. Nothing, of course, is so simple as I just suggested … you will be changing the scripts and Python programs and LaTeX specs frequently, perhaps. Or you might have one big giant complex operation that you only need to run once, but you KNOW it is going to screw up somehow … a value that is entered incorrectly or whatever … so the entire thing you need to do once is actually something you have to do 18 times.

So make the whole process a script. Aside form convenience and efficiency, a script does something else that is vitally important. It documents the process, both for you and others. This alone is probably more important than the convenience part of scripting your science, in many cases. Being small in a world of largeness Here is a piece of advice you wont get from anyone else. As you develop your computer working environment, the set of software tools and stuff that you use to run R or Python and all that, you will run into opportunities to install some pretty fancy and sophisticated developments systems that have many cool bells and whistles, but that are really designed for team development of large software projects, and continual maintenance over time of versions of that software as it evolves as a distributed project.

Scientific computing often not that complex or team oriented. Sure, you are working with a team, but probably not a team of a dozen people working on the same set of Python programs.

Chances are, much of the code you write is going to be tweaked to be what you need it to be then never change. There are no marketing gurus coming along and asking you to make a different menu system to attract millennials. You are not competing with other products in a market of any sort. If you went out and asked, say, 30 national level activists to each name 30 other activists in this particular area of activism that they had interacted with over the previous year and considered to be professional level, you would get a lot of overlap in names, and this person would be on a bunch of lists.

This person is well connected, widely liked, and most importantly, has a following as well as disciples. What I mean by that is if in a conversation anyone strongly disagreed with him, there would be others that would defend him, disdain you for your disagreements, and discredit you at the next available opportunity, even if you were having an honest disagreement, even a minor honest disagreement. Puppet strings, if you get my drift.

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They use interesting techniques. And my reply to Greg's public reply- Oh Greggy you are butt-hurt? I'm sorry but some people don't just sit on their hands while idiots attempt to rule.

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I attempted to get your side of things thinking maybe all the bad shit I had heard was just gossip overblown as is often the case. Even offered for you to come on my radio show and in public explain any misunderstanding or maybe just to stand up for your actions and tell everyone why you have acted in a certain way. As for Abbie I have no knowledge of that exchange so any assumptions you have made about my behavior stemming from that are incorrect. What I do have a problem with is this- All of the information you can access publicly on the web is in "general circulation on the internet" the problem being when you associate that general information with a specific person, place, or thing it is no longer general.

The information is then specific about that person, place or thing, you have made the private relationship between the two public when it is irresponsible at least to do so. From my dealings with you so far I will assume you are too dense to understand this concept without it being explained to you, probably more than once. Your pathetic attempt to release yourself from any accusation of wrong doing doesn't fly. I'm not sure what your point is in posting a public reply, seems kinda dramatic and needy but if that's the way you like to play it so be it. It is ironic that you would attempt to call me on threats when you have made threats of physical violence to specific people in the past.

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