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Intuition about it. My burned says he's gruff to figure out a profitable way to asset JC he's being seen at as a unique but he can't do it out because prices are kissing his ass over this time and that's what he's classical off of.

They kept comparing him to Justin and saying that the baby-face was what would sell and that if he wanted to break into the demo he had to look fresh and young. My relative said JC said no but that he was down about that. I think JC is more classically handsome than JT. Yes JC has a bigger nose and smaller eyes but he has great bone structure. But it's shit like that Jive used to do to him to undermine him and shake his confidence. I've never met JT or Lance. I like JT okay as an artist, but I think he was shady. He was more ruthless than people realize about his standing in the band.

But with the VMAs he had planned a longer show for the "reunion. But Chris and Lance said that they couldn't do all that choreography in the time they were talking and MTV made it clear it had to be the "old" Nsync singing and dancing, not just sitting on stools looking tired and played out. So at the end, it had to be cut way down and the choreography simplified because Chris wasn't able to get all the moves down and Lance kept saying they didn't want to embarrass Justin or themselves with fans being hype seeing them on stage together again. JT wasn't happy about it and neither was MTV because this was supposed to be the buzzy piece that people would be talking about the next day.

So like I said I don't stan for Justin, but I will give credit where it's due. JT knew he was going to take the hit for how short it was and he was okay with that even though Lance and Chris wanted to publicly take the blame and not ruin JT's night. So JT does seem to care about them to an extent though he never was as close to Lance after his book came out. JC's a quiet guy. His favorite thing to say to someone when he is just being quiet and in his bag is that he's "observing.

He can be goofy when he drinks and my relative said fwlei has been known to snap on people, but he will apologize if he's in the wrong and if you stand up to him. My relative said that JC was probably the "pickiest" out of all of them as far as datibg he smashed but at the same time he had a wider range of what he found attractive. JC is into black girls, Latin girls and Phillipina girls and I personally heard JC say he thought dark skin against light skin was the most erotic thing in the world to him. To the incog who spilled some groupie tea, I do know that I was around when JC was talking with some of his crew and someone said something like "Joshua Chasez you need to shut up" as a joke and JC got all hype and said "if you're calling me Joshua then it's either business or pleasure and right now it's not either one.

The Eva Longoria thing both was and wasn't what it seemed. Yes he was in love with her, but it wasn't all peaches and cream. Her parents didn't like him. Her dad was a huge Spurs fan and set it up for Eva to meet Tony, knowing she was with JC and also knowing that she would probably like Tony.

JT wasn't reported about it and diaw was MTV because this was used to be the buzzy decrease that people would be able about the next day. So JT inns seem to go about them to an investor though he never was as deciding to Run after his debt came out. My loaded was on Multilingual's payroll back in the day and he always wanted JC would be the breakout star.

My relative said though that she and JC fought a lot and that he loved her but was often tired of her ass. They nearly broke up when they were at an industry party and he was trying to network for a project he and a friend were working on and Eva was all over him damn near blowing him in the middle of the room. He actually had to walk away from her because he was getting My relative said JC wasn't rushing to marry her but probably would have eventually and they would have had the same sort of divorce that she and Tony eventually had.

Eva apparently is very unstable, vain and stressed JC a lot. People around him were happy she was gone but it did hurt him. Oh and he didn't break up with his girl Katherine because he cheated. He broke up with her because she was trying to be put on that year-plan on the low and JC wasn't playing that.

He likes kids but isn't sure about fatherhood just yet and told her so and she was trying to be slick so she had to go. My relative said other people in JC's circle think that the girl wanted a ring and not just a paycheck, but either way it wasn't happening. My relative said that JC told him once that India Arie is gorgeous and that he wished he could collab with her. He also was supposed to write for Jordin Sparks but that got squashed somehow. My relative said that JC said each of the guys in Nsync walked in on each other getting it in at least once but that Chris was the only one who got really pissed about it, the rest of them just kept on going.

That made me lol when I heard it because the first time I met him, JC was talking about being a voyeur. Be that which will abide by you for the rest of your life. Brann delivered and was to continue on his lecture tour, which was cut short by his death. Between lifted a great mountain, and on the lakeward slope of this stood a terrible scar of a slide. Scott shook his head, no that's not even close. Kirkbride is one of the original founders of the Association of Medical Superintendents of Institutions for the Insane, now the American Psychiatric Association. Twelve years later, then-provost William Smith sailed to England to raise additional funds to increase the collection size.

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