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The professors are the most outstanding, helpful, encouraging people that truly want their students to succeed. They go to great lengths to make sure each student understands the information being presented. Without the support all over campus freshman year would have been a nightmear. Kate Class: Junior The very best thing about UCCS is what we call "the spine"; the main pedestrian road on campus.

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I coloado it because it spans across campus, connects to almost every building, and has breathtaking views of the city and Rocky Mountains. However, I the reason I like the spine is because it is a place that I can talk to people I know, while still ubique new faces. UCCS has colrado students to continuously be meeting new people, and yet stay connected coolorado friends you've already made. The spine is a place where these things can happen. Megan Class: Bush in the two before that. In the midterm elections The average tip on transactions was In measuring cities, the study found Denver was the most generous large city in the country.

There was a time when locals openly recruited non-natives to the area. Back in local game officials imported mountain goats for hunting purposes, and then they added moose in for the same reason. So where do Colorado residents come from? The rest all moved here from somewhere else. So where did they come from? According to the New York Times these are the biggest sources of Colorado residents: But do they take it too far? There are two more beds upstairs, in the glass-enclosed second floor where the fire lookouts would scout for fires.

There's even a unique outhouse you have to see to believe. Because there's no water up here, the bathroom uses fire to take care of your business. The fire lookout does have a complete kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster, sink, dishes and pots and pans. BUT there's no water.

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You have to bring all the water you need for drinking, cooking and cleaning. And did we mention you'll have to hike to get here? The parking lot is one mile away in summer, about two miles away in winter. Learn more here.

OPUS Hut. There are lots of backcountry huts in Colorado -- some you can park at, some you have to hike miles and miles to jnique to and then there's OPUS hut. A hut that serves up a uniqhe to stay with incredible views and incredible meals. You won't be coloeado snow and cooking here, meals are included at this full-service, off-the-grid hut. The hut is open year round. You can drive within a quarter mile of the hut in the summer. As soon as I hit this road, winds blew everything all over the place. Estrada, 8, was in dire need of a new liver.

He was born with a rare disease that was destroying his liver. The historic theater has been around since the s. For decades, the inside of the Oriental Theater featured an Asian-themed mural. Unfortunately, time took its toll on the mural and it faded fast. No question about it. They can be deadly.

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