Perks of dating a designer

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21 Signs You're Dating A Designer

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Everything they do are original, they never copy. For that cold-winter-fire-place- days, take out your photos and see what they can do with them. They love cameras, take photos when you least expect it, post them in different shapes and sizes, in and on anything, including Facebook. Use any font, except Comic Sans. They had drawing tablets before we even knew it existed. If you want to redecorate, please consult with them first. Somewhere, within their humble abode, you will find a souvenir like a stolen street sign. The chances are good that they have studied at the Google University for Graphic Design. They only use Excel when their client needs a customized Invoice as part of their CID, otherwise they hate it.

It goes against the theme, babe. Ditch Microsoft Word. And Publisher. And PowerPoint.

They take many of parameters. Over individual has their set of commitment and bad connections. They are ace.

Read this: Designers Top Irritating Moments. Designers can be cute and charming but only when you take out designing from them. It is your mastermind behind all the colorful and beautiful designs that we see around us… Some designers are absolutely undateable. Want to know why??

Datng over-analyze everything. The waiter hands you the menu but while your other half decides what they're having quickly and efficiently, a mini-ice age passes while you study the choices. But it's not the comparative merits of the steak tartare and the confit duck that's bothering you — it's the kerning! And look at the choice of typeface! This menu design just isn't right, dammit!

Of a Perks designer dating

You wonder how your agency could do it better. Maybe we could make it smaller for a start? The colours need adjusting, too. And what about this awful stock? Meanwhile your partner is lightly drumming their fingers, eyes raised, fully aware of what's going on. It's always the same. Can't you just go out for ONE night without over-analysing everything? Of course you can't. You're a designer. The best free graphic design software You know who did everything Design is everywhere — and you're sure to point it out every time. Every billboard, every poster, every theatre programme Most people just want to enjoy what they're looking at without thinking about who made it or how.

But can you help yourself? He takes you to watch a designer-themed movies all the time. And you start to love those movies, too! You start to complain how the latest version of Photoshop lack in many things. You buy a book based on the cover design. You spend weekend alone because his deadline is full. He choose to date with his laptop instead.

He brings his tablet everywhere and work everywhere. He commented every book designs in the bookstore. Instead of giving you real flowers, he made you a graphic flower. He criticized the outfit color you choose.

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