Screenupdating in openoffice

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OOoBasic - How to enforce a screen update

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In openoffice Screenupdating

Comment 4 Matthew Francis Option "Application. Needed time to scroll down through Hope that helps anyone wanting to have a poke at this. Comment 10 Buovjaga I did a callgrind of the steps, but in kcachegrind it does not match attachment [details]. I am adding keyword bisected, and adding Noel Power to cc.

Bug is marked a duplicate of this one, and from notes I made before filing bug In light of these, I am raising the priority here to normal. Perhaps it is because not too many people use complex macros? But for people using any significant macros this represents a substantial obstacle to moving to LibreOffice. In my case I am trying to move to LibreOffice from OpenOffice but it has made some of my automation unviable. If MS Office performance figures are so many orders of magnitude better then one can only imagine it could also present a major hurdle to uptake of LibreOffice for some MS Office users too.

If we know that a flood of GetOptimalHeightsInColumn calls seem to be the culprit here is there any kind of workaround to improve scrolling speed in a macro?

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