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UPDATE: Queer/Bar Cancels Sharon Needles Performance

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In June, the Stranger broke that Purr was being "priced out" of its current location. It appeared Purr's last days on this Earth were nigh, but owner Barbie Roberts assured us Purr would have "some exciting news very soon! That's right: The bar's bold name raised some questions: What the fuck even is a queer bar? To whom does it cater? Does a queer bar have a responsibility to be equitable? Can cis gay men be queer? Is there a queer aesthetic? Kevin Kauer, a leader of Seattle's nightlife and owner of Nark Magazinerecently posted a status stating "queer has been thoroughly commodified and stricken of meaning" on Capitol Hill: You're not a queer bar.

Has she already used up all her chances, or is Sharon needles dating room for forgiveness in Queer culture? The answer appears to be no, at least not among queer Seattleites looking to toss dollars at a queen. Cucci Binacaa mainstay of Seattle's alternative and queer drag community, says "Sharon knows exactly why she isn't welcomed here in Seattle," referring to an alleged incident when Needles used the N word "towards a person of color in our community. Robbie Turner says she doesn't believe Needles is transphobic or racist. We allow lives to go on. We allow change and growth to happen. We are providing Sharon a space for that growth to continue.

I want to take the time to address the issue of our upcoming performance with Sharon Needles, and do so with transparency and openness because I care about my community feeling supported and heard. First, I want to thank everyone for the feedback and conversation surrounding this event. We sincerely appreciate and support the conversation and believe communication is vital in advancing social justice issues and that through productive conversation and active listening we can create moments of dialogue that create real change.

So here goes: When I was alerted about the comments and feedback we were receiving on the event page, I was truly taken aback and alarmed regarding the responses. I have spent the past few days researching this performer: Their feedback was crucial in our decision making process. I learned that Sharon Needles made insensitive and inappropriate remarks during performances in or years prior including racial and transphobic terms. I've also learned that first and foremost Sharon is an artist and as such she incorporates the world around her in her art, even the darkest and grossest parts.

Anyone that's seen one of Sharon's performances would also recognize that not only is she an artist, she's a provocateur. Using her craft and her platform to spark dialogue both internally and socially about the sometimes fucked up world around us. However, I understand the trauma and harm caused by these performances.

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